Tips for Taking Your Jewelry On Vacation with You


Going on vacation can be one of the highlights of the year, and can give you a chance to dress up and hit some interesting, glamorous spots in a new location. Aside from having to keep your clothes and shoes looking good when you travel, jewelry can also be a difficult decision – do you risk taking your most valuable pieces far from home with you, or do you leave them at home and miss them when putting together outfits for a night out while you’re away? Really, traveling with your best jewelry, even valuable items like the gorgeous pieces at Ascot Diamonds, shouldn’t be too much of a gamble if you think ahead a little. Here are some tips:


One of the best ways to feel confident when you bring your jewelry away with you is to have good insurance to cover it. Look at the terms on your home insurance, which should already cover your jewelry. If it does not cover it when you are wearing it or traveling, then look at your travel insurance. If need be, take out a whole extra policy just to cover the expensive jewelry you own, so that you can wear it without fear. It was made to be worn rather than kept in a locked drawer or safe, so make sure you have whatever coverage you need to feel good wearing it out.

Know The Area

Some places you might travel to will be safer than others. If you are on a cruise or at a resort, you should be reasonably safe wearing your jewelry as security will be tight, however if you are in a new city and heading out, it can be better to travel safely by cab rather than walking if you are wearing expensive or expensive looking items. It is never worth risking your personal safety to look good, so do your research on where you are going and make sure you never have your jewelry on show in unknown, busy areas or anywhere where crime is a possibility. Keep it hidden until you get to the party or other venue.

Hotel Safety

There will probably be times you’ll want to leave your jewelry at the hotel, for instance if you are going to the beach. All good hotels have safety deposit boxes you can hire keys for, so make sure you take advantage of this. If by chance your hotel doesn’t offer this in rooms, then ask at reception if they have one behind the desk where they could keep your items for you. It is worth using this facility for other valuables too, like your laptop, tablet, passport and other things you don’t want to take everywhere but which are appealing to thieves.

Taking your best jewelry on vacation will allow you to look and feel your best when you go out to new places, but it is well worth considering both security and insurance to avoid heartbreak.