Elyx presents TAO Nightclub at Sundance kicked off their weekend long party at The Village at the Lift in Park City Friday night. The exclusive annual pop-up nightclub was filled with celebrities and VIPs such as Kellan Lutz, Zoe Kravitz, Keanu Reeves, David Arquette and more. Guests listed to the sounds of DJ Vice, drank cocktails from Elyx and refreshments from Redbull.


Chris Pine, Kellan Lutz, Zoe Kravitz, Zachary Quinto, and Danny Masterson arrived together with friends and danced the night away singing along to the songs that DJ Vice played. The crowd went especially wild when Jermaine Dupri made a special cameo to join Vice in the DJ booth. James Marsden enjoyed the party with friends and David Arquette walked around and mingled with the crowd. Keanu Reeves arrived with Eli Roth, both of whom were premiering their movie, “Knock Knock” at the Sundance Film Festival. Skrillex joined the party late night and hung out until the pop-up closed.


Other guests in attendance included Jennifer Morrison, Nick Loeb, Quincy Brown, Jason Isaacs, Alia Shawkat, Shea Whigham, Doug Reinhardt, Jef Holm, and Jared Eng.


TAO Sundance continued the party in Park City Saturday night. Once again, guests eagerly lined up to enter the exclusive pop-up nightclub filled with celebrities and VIPs such as Margot Robbie, Adrian Grenier, Johnny Knoxville, and Kellan Lutz.


Margot Robbie arrived after her “Z for Zachariah” premiere looking casual yet beautiful in leather pants, a white button down, and a gray sweater. She was seated next to Kellan Lutz who arrived with his group of friends. Lutz worked his way around the event making sure that he caught up with fellow party-goers such as Eli Roth, Danny Masterson, and Diplo.

Jennifer Morrison, Avan Jorgia, and Josh Hutcherson were all spotted dancing throughout the nightclub. Jus Ske pumped up the crowd spinning favorites all night long, while guests enjoyed cocktails from Elyx and refreshments from Redbull.


Other celebrities in attendance included Gina Rodriguez, Nick Loeb, Quincy Brown, Jared Eng, Josh Bennett, Kelly Sawyer, and Lauren Mayhew.

TAO Sundance concluded the final night of their annual pop-up nightclub Sunday night in Park City with celebrities such as Kellan Lutz, Lil Jon, Chris Masterson, Pauly Shore, and Matisyahu in attendance.


Kellan Lutz enjoyed TAO Sundance for the third night in a row, dancing and having a great time with friends. Some of Lutz’ fellow “Experimenter” colleagues, including writer and director, Michael Almereyda and producer Danny A. were also at TAO to enjoy the festivities. It was also a family affair as Chris Masterson and sister Alanna Masterson partied together at TAO. They snapped selfies and danced with friends while enjoying the music of Mel Debarge.

Guests enjoyed drinks from Elyx, refreshments from Redbull, and another successful year for the annual pop-up nightclub.

Photo Credit: AP Images