How to paraphrase while writing essay or rewriting papers

The meaning of the paraphrasing

Language is the most precious thing that each nation has. It symbolizes unity, independence, and uniqueness. No wonder, that peoples continuously develop their languages, make them more euphonious, valuable. Like many other languages, English is pretty rich and varied. Nevertheless, if the paraphrasing did not exist, any tongue would be blunt and boring. To paraphrase means to express the same thing with other words. Namely, the main task of the paraphrasing is to change the words while keeping the meaning of the sentence. The one who mastered the art of paraphrasing can reach a lot on the writing field.

When and where to use paraphrasing

There are no particular rules or limits for using this writing tool. However, in some spheres, the paraphrasing fits the most. First, the studying. It is difficult to imagine the studying process without rewriting and restatements. The tones of essay writing at school grow into the millions of essays and papers at universities. It would be impossible to manage to create different paper works without paraphrasing. The second branch is journalistic. If you like to read the news on the internet or scroll the Facebook page, you might notice that the news repeats on different sources. It happens because every news channel has its own audience and tries to tell as much news as possible. IELTS, TOEFL, others exams and tests also require the ability to paraphrase.

How to succeed in paraphrasing

As we already know, paraphrasing includes changing the words, changing the sentence structure, but keeping the meaning. Hence, before starting to paraphrase, it is expedient to think about synonyms. Take some time to analyze the sentences, make some notes with the words you can change and the ones you must use anyway. Here you need to use the richness of the language: the bigger your vocabulary is the easier paraphrasing becomes. However, be careful, and make sure that you use the correct collocations, and the words you use have the same meaning. Remember, that in any paper writing are some keywords that do not have synonyms, so you cannot do not use them.

Next step you can do is to analyze the structure of the sentence and decide if there is some way to change it. Maybe you can change the form of the words. For example, the verb “developing” can be replaced with the noun “development” or the noun “magic” can be turned into the adjective “magical”. Likewise, it is possible to change the order of the words in the statement. You can easily shift the words from the beginning of the sentence to the middle or the end and vice versa. This trick helps a lot in paraphrasing so your thesis writing will look original.

Another tip is to use concessions. To do it, you have to show the opposite opinions in one sentence. For instance, you can tell:

“Even though all my friends think that ….., I prefer to believe that….”.

In such case, do not forget to separate the opinions by a coma. By using concessions, you demonstrate that you thought about both sides of the question, so your judgment has some background.

Basically, you need to master only these three writing tips and to use them together to be able to paraphrase anything. It is not difficult but it requires a lot of practice, a little patience and a lot of practice again. Once you do it, your works will become varied, interesting and exceptional. Moreover, the examiners will highly evaluate your essays if you use the paraphrasing correctly or use customwritingbee.com