Laser skin tightening is an FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure using a laser to heat the skin’s collagen, causing new collagen production and contraction to tighten the skin. It is used to treat sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Laser skin tightening is most commonly performed on the face, but it can also be done anywhere on the body, like the neck, arms, buttocks, abdomen, and legs.

In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of laser skin tightening treatment to help you decide if this skin procedure will work best for you.

Improve Skin Tone and Texture

After the age of 30, collagen and elastin production slows down. These two proteins help your skin stay plump, toned, and firm. Laser skin tightening targets energy in the skin layers to stimulate collagen and elastin production, gradually improving the skin texture and tone.

Here are the three primary methods of laser skin tightening treatment:

• Ultrasound: Ultrasound laser treatment only takes about 45 minutes, which is extremely effective for people seeking a heavy-duty lift. The ultrasound energy focuses on heating the skin more in-depth than the other modalities, causing tightening and lifting from the deeper skin areas. This is done through a handheld device that delivers ultrasound waves. While your skin gets an instant lift, you’ll see the best results in about three months.

• Radiofrequency: Thermage is an example of radiofrequency laser skin tightening treatment, which also uses a handheld device to deliver heat on the superficial level of the skin for a tightening effect. Like ultrasound treatments, radiofrequency skin tightening feels hot but soothing, like a hot stone massage.

• Radiofrequency Microneedling: This skin tool is comparable to a stamp that uses a motorized stamper to avoid destroying the epidermis, creating micro tears or microscopic holes. Once the needles are inside the skin, radiofrequency is emitted to tighten the skin layers.

Reduced Skin Sagging

Men and women with different skin types and complexions in good health condition can undergo a laser skin tightening treatment. A perfect candidate for laser skin tightening is a person with sagging skin. When this procedure is combined with other skin treatments, people with sagging skin get better results.

Each skin tightening treatment session lasts for about 30 to 60 minutes. Most patients undergo 2 to 3 treatments at one-month intervals to get the best outcomes. A new collagen finish grows about 3 to 6 months after the first treatment to see the complete results.

Reduction of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Laser skin tightening treatments tighten the skin, treating superficial wrinkles around the lips and eyes, thereby slowing the aging process more effectively. Unlike surgical procedures, non-surgical skin tightening treatments like a laser don’t force the skin to stretch in unnatural ways, and your skin appears visibly tighter because the collagen fibers contract, which minimizes post-treatment risk. The natural rejuvenation process of the skin results in the cellular response to the laser skin tightening procedure.

More Visible and Quicker Results

Laser skin tightening treatment produces quicker and more visible results as compared to expensive skin creams that are a lot cheaper. It gives you more savings in the long run because you don’t need to invest in an expensive daily skin care regimen.

Clinicians usually recommend a laser skin tightening treatment course of approximately 6 treatments. The effects of skin tightening treatment work up to 12 weeks after the procedure, so the skin continuously improves for several months once you have completed 6 sessions.

Here are some tips and reminders when undergoing a laser skin tightening treatment:

• Before the procedure, remove all oils, sunscreens, make-up, and any other substances applied on the skin.

• A topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the area, and you’ll be asked to wear protective eyewear. Laser skin tightening treatment is non-ablative, so no further anesthetic is needed. You can take over-the-counter pain medication before the treatment if you have a low pain tolerance level to reduce discomfort.

• You can return to work immediately or resume other regular activities after the procedure.

• The side effects of laser skin tightening treatment are minimal, which include redness, a warm skin sensation, or minor swelling, which can be resolved within 48 hours after the procedure.

• Laser skin tightening treatment shouldn’t be painful. Most patients experience only minor discomfort, like a heating sensation, eased by the device’s cooling blasts of air. Also, patients describe the feeling like a rubber band being snapped against the skin.


Laser skin tightening treatments can improve lift and elasticity. Collagen stimulation improves skin elasticity to define your facial features better, causing collagen fibers to become firmer as they contract. Heat also produces new cells, which are firmer and more structured, thus making your skin looking full, plump, toned, and younger-looking.