Skin is a very important organ in the human body, being the largest one. And as so it is significant for human health. Humans may suffer from different kinds of skin issues and want to try all-natural solutions to surpass or manage such skin issues. Knowing that the health and wellness industries are full of skincare products it has its pros and cons. So, it is true that you can find all kinds of products and try them out, but also means that it is hard to choose. And while not all these products are natural, it is not safe to try them all out.

We are saying this because there are skincare products that may cause negative side effects due to the non-natural compounds or ingredients in them. What people want is an all-natural product that is safe to use, does not cause negative side effects, and is a long-term solution. We believe that this product is a CBD product for skin. CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabis plant’s ingredient that has many therapeutic properties that help the skin.

CBD products and their legality

Taking into account that skin is a very sensitive organ that needs proper care, it is of high importance to be careful while choosing a particular skincare product. With that in mind, we recommend you choose natural products that really work and if you have any doubts ask a dermatologist. CBD-based products such as CBD oil for skin need no prescription. We say that because these products are safe to use and do not cause negative side effects when used properly. And even though CBD is a cannabis plant’s derivative, it does not mean it is addictive. In fact, CBD fights addiction of any kind, and does not make users “high”. It is another cannabinoid of cannabis’s plant that does it, THC.

CBD is very different from THC, just like Hemp is very different from Marijuana. Why? Because CBD is legal and THC is not, Hemp is legal and Marijuana is not. Just to elaborate this a bit more, Marijuana is illegal because it contains more than 20% THC and the legal amount of THC inside a product should be from 0.03% – 1% max. So, Marijuana cannot meet the federal law of safety regarding cannabis plants. But Hemp can, because Hemp can produce more than 20% CBD and less than 0.03% THC. That is why cultivators cultivate hemp to obtain CBD.

While in the USA, the rule in most countries is “less 0.03% THC” in order to be legal, other countries around the world have gone a little further. Switzerland, for instance, has become the leading country regarding medicinal cannabis laws. This European country worked hard to regulate and cure every legal detail about CBD. Switzerland allows up to 1% THC in CBD products and if you are interested to buy, you should consider buying Swiss CBD oil products.

CBD’s therapeutic potential

CBD products and CBD oils in particular are really helpful when talking about skin. And the best way to understand that is by providing a list of the benefits. So, CBD is:

  • Anti-aging – and is the most natural solution that can act as a natural age reverser. CBD keeps the skin young and healthy and is a fact that improves the appearance of female skin, in particular.
  • Anti-inflammatory – and helps to decrease swelling.
  • Pain-reliever – because it has the ability to relieve muscle pain and joint pain.
  • Anti-anxiety – because it is able to help decrease anxiety, stress, and depression. These factors act negatively on the skin and CBD fights that by improving the mood.
  • Anti-acne – because CBD can help deal with acne and oily skin, removes the dirt and relieves the pain caused by skin issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

In conclusion, you should know that CBD has tremendous therapeutic potential. There is no doubt about that at all because there is a long list of benefits that prove that. CBD products such as CBD oils are safe to use and help in many ways in long term. But, even though you can buy these products without a prescription, if you are using other skincare products that are not natural, consider consulting your dermatologist first, because CBD when mixed with non-natural products does not mean it will do the job.