When looking for the best whale watching experience in Sydney, it doesn’t get much better than watching whales migrate from Antarctica to Queensland passing Sydney along their way. For some people, they are already in search of the best whale watching experience and can look no further than Sydney whereas others, perhaps need some reasons why whale watching is such a sought-after adventure;

  • See the beautiful creatures up close and personal – You’ve likely seen whales in movies and books, and you’ve likely read about their enormous size, but few of us have seen them up close and personal. This is your chance to see them up close and to add the journey to your list of adventures. Seeing a whale jumping out of the water is as unique as it gets. They are absolutely massive and can be up to and even over 100 feet long! The experience of seeing them together jumping in and out of the water really is one of a kind.
  • An Exciting Boat Ride – You get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ when you go whale watching, not only do you get to see the whales in their natural habitat doing what they do best but, you also get the chance to go on an amazing boat journey. If you have never been on a boat journey before then this will truly be an adventure of a lifetime and one that will not want to miss out on.
  • You get to see more than just the whales – When you are on your adventure you will most certainly see other types of marine wildlife too, whales are some of the friendliest marine creatures that you may come across so you will likely see other creatures along the way, dolphins are often part of the scene! Granted, you are paying to go whale watching in Sydney, but, how good is that, being able to see dolphins up close and personal too, often playing swimming alongside the boat.
  • A great, affordable day out for everyone – Another great thing about going on a whale watching adventure is that it is something for the whole family to enjoy. You will meet other families and groups of people too and because you are going as a family you might find that there are family deals which makes the whole day even more worthwhile.

Take the experience home with you

Living in today’s world of technology is great, isn’t it? You won’t have to pay out for photos, you can take your very own videos and photos to take home with you and to enjoy forever.