It can be difficult choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that shows just how much the special woman in your life means to you. This year, however, plan early and give her something thoughtful that she will truly love.

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, listen for any clues and consider her unique interests. If you still can’t decide what to buy her, we are here to help. Read on for the best gift ideas for the one you love:

Know Flowers are Always Appreciated

Flowers might sound cliché, but there aren’t many women who won’t appreciate a beautiful bouquet. You should know her favorite type of flower, but if you are unsure, roses are always a romantic gesture.

Instead of a throwaway bunch, think about getting her a potted indoor plant that she can enjoy year-round. For example, peace lilies are low maintenance and will thrive with minimal water in a well-lit area on a desk or table.

Spoil Her with a New Outfit

For many women, buying a new outfit is a luxury and something they might not do as often as they should. Knowing this, why not spoil her with a new top that she can wear for any spring and summertime dates you will have together? A sleeveless tank is a classic choice that can be paired with jeans, skirts or shorts, while keeping her cool on those hot days.

While it can be difficult to buy clothing for other people, a tank is always flattering, and she will be impressed by your shopping skills!

Do Something You Can Do Together

A surprise adventure date is a fun gift idea for Valentine’s Day that you’re sure to never forget. The final decision will depend on her personality, as the activity needs to be something you’ll both enjoy. For example, she may love history — and a trip to a museum and romantic dinner could be her idea of a dream date.

Or, she may be a thrill seeker and prefer skydiving, rock climbing or repelling down a cliff. Set out an itinerary and surprise her with a day that is truly unique, and don’t forget to snap some photos that will serve as a special memento.

Treat Her to a Spa Day

Every girl deserves to be pampered, and a day at the spa will surely help her relax and feel rejuvenated. Plus, she’s bound to fondly remember your special gift to her and pay it forward in the near future.

Whether it’s a long-overdue massage or pedicure, she will appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Book a spa day at her preferred salon, so all she has to do is sit back and relax.

Create a Photo Keepsake

Valentine’s Day is about love, and it is a good time to celebrate your relationship. Think about framing a photo from when you first met, scheduling a couple’s photoshoot, or giving her a locket with a picture of the two of you inside.

If she has a good sense of humor you could even have a t-shirt or mug printed with your face on it!

Put Some Thought into Valentine’s Day

Instead of buying last-minute chocolates on Valentine’s Day, plan your gift in advance. Whether it’s a potted plant, new sleeveless tank, personalized gifts, pampering or a day of adventures, make this a Valentine’s Day she will always cherish!