With the arrival of December just around the corner, it’s beginning to get colder outside, gearing up for the wild, windy, and often freezing conditions winter brings with it every year. In fact, a few cities have already seen the arrival of icy & snowy conditions; perhaps a timely reminder that the chilliest season of the year is just around the corner. There’s no better time than now to get your car in tip-top condition for the colder months ahead. From prepping your emergency supply kit to checking your tires, here’s your winter motoring checklist.

1. Engine oil

Give your hardworking engine a little winter TLC. Make sure you check your engine oil levels. You don’t want to be running low, especially on long drives. Top it up if it’s looking on the low side and check your oil levels regularly, in particular, if you make lots of long journeys.

2. Wipers

Grit, snow, ice, and dirt can be a real driving hazard for your visibility. Make sure your front and rear wipers aren’t leaving behind smear-like marks. These are not helpful when trying to park! Excellent visibility is a must, so if needed, invest in a new pair of wipers to reduce the need for that intense stare to see what’s happening on the highway.

3. Windshield

A windshield check is a winter driving must-do. Those stone cracks from your long summer drives? Now’s the time to put them right. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and you can quickly and easily obtain a number of quotes: here is more info.

4. Tire tread

Good tire tread is vital to ensure proper grip on the road. Ensure you meet the minimum requirements and if possible, switch out your current tires to a set of winter ones.

5. Tire pressure

While you’re checking the tread, don’t forget to check the tire pressures too! Refer to your driver handbook for the recommendations.

6. Windshield wash

Nothing worse on a winter’s commute than discovering mid-journey, your screen wash doesn’t work at the sub-zero temperatures. Check your windscreen wash levels & ensure you top up with suitable winter screen wash on a regular basis, ideally, one with de-icer to ensure you can wipe away the grit and dirt from your windshield in hazardous conditions. Choose one recommended by your manufacturer where possible.

7. Emergency supplies

Last but not least, in case of breakdown, don’t be left stranded in the freezing cold at the roadside without supplies. Top up your trunk with essentials like a small snow shovel to help get you moving after a snowy downfall. Also keep a first aid kit, self-heating pads, blankets, a few packs of biscuits and bottles of water. If you have space for some rock salt, keep a small bag in your trunk just in case.

Use these winter tips as a starting guide for getting your car ready for the roads. Be sure to check your local garage – many offer comprehensive multipoint winter vehicle checks to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and set for a wonderful winter of motoring.