Getting married is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. Choosing the symbol of your marriage should be personal, and according to your taste, after all, it is the one piece of jewelry that you would want to wear for a long time, or better yet, the rest of your life.

Finding the perfect wedding bands can be quite daunting, knowing that there are a lot of choices available now in the market. For the past decade or so, wedding band designs have evolved from simple bands to a variety of designs and materials used to make them more personal and unique.

Just about everything regarding the wedding industry is ever-changing from the gowns, themes, to wedding rings. Gone are the days when brides are all clad in white, and wedding rings of bride and groom always matched single bands.

The problem these days is how to choose the perfect wedding rings from the myriad of choices. Here are the latest trends in wedding bands for 2020 to help you select your timeless jewelry.

There are really no rules in choosing the perfect wedding band for either the groom or bride. What is essential is that the rings you want are the ones you would love to see on your finger day by day.

Wedding rings are timeless, and every style does not go out of style because choosing is personal. Classic rings are minimalist wedding bands that are narrow plain gold, silver, or diamond bands for a bride. It is unassuming and straightforward and goes well with a big or small engagement ring, which either brings out its beauty or enhances it. Curved wedding bands, just like the small plain gold or silver bands, are still always in trend and are also great pairs for the engagement ring. Some wedding bands have colored stones or gemstones embedded on them for added attraction. The gems or stones used are based on the birthstones that represent the birth month or the couple’s anniversary month.

If you want your wedding rings to stand out not only on your wedding day but every day, there are big chunky diamond rings to match your style. You can also use chunky birth month gemstones to show your flair.

Another type of classic ring that is still trending these days is the rose gold wedding band, which has a soft blush color to it. The pale color of rose gold makes it ideal for those who do not like the blaring color of gold for couples who want their wedding bands chic and classic. You can also add embellishments of dainty diamonds or other gemstones to up the ante.

Stackable wedding rings are consistently in the wedding band trends. You can add another band for significant life achievement, or a new ring can be your first-anniversary gift. Combining different colored metals for the stackable wedding rings are a great option to make your rings look more pleasing to the eyes. You can also opt for two wedding bands, which not only looks classy but can also serve as protection for the engagement ring for the bride.

It is a modern time, and couples are at more liberty these days to choose unique wedding bands to match their personality. Options are not limited anymore to gold or silver but other non-traditional materials like titanium. Titanium is an excellent choice of material since wedding rings are worn daily. Men’s titanium wedding bands are quite a hit these days for its uniqueness and ability to withstand any activity, especially in the outdoors. Titanium wedding bands can also come in gray and black aside from the traditional silver making your rings quite exceptional.

Wedding bands can also be not made of metal at all. Even for wedding bands, it is also nice to think out of the box. There are trending wedding bands that are made of wood or silicon. Wedding bands made of wood and are great options for the outdoorsy types and nature-lovers. Another sturdy material to use is silicone, which is quite a sturdy material for men who are into sports and who work tough jobs. Non-traditional materials such as wood and silicone are perfect options because you are freer to choose the design and color that you want.

As with any other aspect of wedding preparations, choosing your wedding band can be overwhelming. There are many options already available in the market. But if you are happy with your choice, you can never go wrong.