A team of Southern California-based innovators are pleased to announce the launch of The Lens Friend™, the first and only versatile one-piece magnetic clip that can hold reading glasses, sunglasses and more on any article of clothing or bag. Didem Ellermeyer, the inventor of the product, was inspired by the universal need for an easy, convenient product to keep eyewear safely at your fingertips. Ellermeyer partnered with entrepreneur, Chris Bonno, and after multiple iterations and years of development, finalized the product.

The Lens Friend is a one-piece, powerful magnetic clip made out of soft silicone, which allows for flexibility and protection of glasses. The non-slip material ensures glasses will not fall out, nor will the device damage clothing or scratch expensive eyewear. It features three loops, offering flexibility for glasses of all sizes to hang in any direction. To use, simply open the Lens Friend and place under an article of clothing or bag, and slide glasses into one of the openings. A multi-purpose product, the Lens Friend does more than meets the eye – it can hold anything from notes on a refrigerator to pens on your backpack to pages in a magazine.


“The Lens Friend is stylish, lightweight and easy to use,” says Ellermeyer. “By eliminating the time and frustration of searching for misplaced glasses, the product makes any busy day a little more stress-free.”

The Lens Friend is available for purchase online here for $12.99. It is available in five different colors – black, ivory, light blue, royal blue and red, and makes an ideal stocking stuffer this holiday season.


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