If someone approached you today and asked you a simple question like ” how many eyes do human beings have?” of course your immediate answer would be “just two”, right? While that’s true on the physical side, but wrong in the spiritual one. In fact, it’s believed that each one of us has three eyes.

And as much as the two physical ones play a significant role in enabling us to see what’s before us, the third one (pineal gland/Chakra) is said to be the most powerful. Why? Because it allows you to use your wisdom and intelligence to foresee the future, interpret the past present and future, and also to adhere to any possible warnings. Sounds interesting, right?

Here are the main benefits of your third eye Chakra;

Sharp Intuitions

When you open your Chakra, you expose yourself to a state of ultimate self- consciousnesses. And this allows you to become more aware of your environment and whatever takes place around it. It functions like meditation and offers you immense wisdom to handle the daily stressors while keeping the focus on your inner intuitions through a process known as inner intelligence. And this will continue getting better as you constantly open your chakra.

Acts as an Attractive Center for the Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to live a fear free life. But in most cases, this isn’t possible as you keep worrying about the future. But this doesn’t solve anything as according to the law of attraction, you only attract what you constantly think about. So when you give attention to your inner eye and set aside part of your day to meditate on issues that worry you, you get to relax and that helps you change your mindset. And as you do, you start focusing on good things, thus attracting positive things into your life. And the more you meditate, the more your inner eye opens and you get to enjoy a fulfilling physical, mental and emotional health.

Your Inward Look helps you know what’s “Out There” for you

It’s normal for us as human beings to always want to know what’s going on in our present lives. So if you’re in a position where you keep asking yourself what you should be doing with your present life, then meditation can bring you the answers you need. Some questions such as am I in the right job? What can I do to improve my relationship? Should I start job hunting for greener pastures, etc, can be answered by a mere activation of your chakra.

You receive an insight into the hidden world, enjoy the sights of where you could be, thus giving you the much-needed motivation to perfecting your current life. All these, thanks to the in-depth new information you receive via inner eye meditation.

So if you have been ignoring your chakra, then it’s time you reconsider your decision as it might be the change you have been yearning for. There are various ways you can start working on yours. Many individuals have sworn to have found this blog article on how to open your third eye helpful. Especially in giving beginners an insightful evaluation of what to expect from their very first inner eye meditation sessions. But for better results,one should be ready to exercise patience as it might take a little bit of time for the process to start yielding results. But trust us, once you start noticing the difference, you will not want to look back.

Say Goodbye to Stress, Anxiety, and Worry

Meditation is a sure way of achieving many things in life. And one of them is a higher consciousness rate after each session. When you experience this, your body starts to get rid of anxiety triggering hormones, thus making you more relaxed and worry-free, all the time. This comes as your body replaces them with a clear vision of how you can be so successful, such that you will start wondering why you were worried in the first place. It takes you back in time and shows you the picture of who you used to be and who you can be such that you end up finding your current situation laughable. And it’s when you truly get to understand your life purpose that you start feeling truly alive and motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

If you want to start experiencing spiritual growth and can’t waste any chance to progress in life, then you need your third eye to illuminate the path. Unlike your two physical eyes, your inner one seeks to reconcile you with your life given purpose and the universe. And it’s when you start peeling off these new found realities that you will achieve a rich fulfilling life experience. It will tranquilize you into an unforgettable awakening!