Law is an extremely complex aspect that has many specialised fields, from criminal to corporate, and family law is just one of a multitude of specialist areas that we sometimes need. The family lawyer has many roles, which include facilitating divorce or separation, especially when there are children involved, while also providing will and probate services. In the event a person wishes to adopt a child, they would need the services of a family lawyer, while cases of domestic abuse are also within the realm of family law.

Child Custody

When a marriage breaks up and there are children involved, both parents must come to an agreement over the children’s welfare. This is rarely a straightforward process and for any parent who is going through a divorce, enlisting the help of family lawyers in Adelaide is strongly advised. Of course, the children should always come first, and should your idea of adequate access not be in line with your partner’s, you should have a lawyer representing you, which will maximise your chances of a favourable outcome.

Child Adoption

Many Australian couples adopt children and due to the extensive scrutiny upon all applicants, enlisting the services of an experienced family lawyer will help you to meet the many requirements. The government has a very stringent list of requirements and applicants’ backgrounds are thoroughly checked.

Contesting a Will

The family lawyer is the person to see if you feel you were treated unfairly in the will of a deceased family member, and should the legal expert feel you have a strong case, he or she would offer their services and help you to formally contest the will. It is often the case where a person has promised an asset to a family member, yet there is no mention of this in the will, and with the help of a family lawyer, it is possible to contest the will.

Property Settlement

When a marriage breaks down, the joint assets must be divided according to Australian law, and with so much resting on the outcome, talking to an experienced family lawyer is essential. Hiring a family lawyer maximises your chances of a favourable outcome, and you can be sure that your partner will be acting on the advice of a specialist lawyer. Many couples do not wish to enter into disagreement should they ever part, so both have a contract drawn up that clearly states who walks away with what. Prenuptial agreements are another area where a family lawyer can be of assistance, and for a person with considerable wealth, it is essential to protect your assets when entering into any long-term relationship.

Family Court Applications

There are many reasons why a person might need to make an application to a Family Court, and such cases require the help of a family lawyer. Should you ever have the need for such a service, an online search will bring up a list of law firm websites and you can take it from there. It is always wise to look for an established practice and one that specialises in your specific requirement.

Whatever your need, there are online family lawyers ready and willing to advise you on any aspect of family law, and with professional guidance, you can expect a favourable outcome.