For LA’s picky, vegan, on-the-go, diet conscious, allergy restricted, lactose intolerant, healthy and wellness gurus comes a new eatery called ‘Fala Bar’ on 7751 1/2 Melrose Ave., LA, CA (cross street Fairfax) opening 11am-4pm. Check it out.


A quick and easy, in and out, or grab and go authentic Mediterranean Falafel Bar & Salad Bar serving only the finest organic, vegan, and locally fresh cuisines to all the sophisticated Angelino’s on the go. Prices range from $5.00 to $13.50.



– Fala Bar is a falafel & salad bar, started by Andres Izquieta & Mike Shab
-Fala Bar is the answer to our fast food nation.
-Fala Bar is a Fala and Salad Bar.
-Majority of recipes come from our families kitchens, updated with a healthy twist.
-All of the wood used to build the shop is refurbished.
-All of our packaging is recycled.
-Fala Bar is considered to be a QSR, quick service restaurant. -The owners love fast food, but consider that there are not many healthy options out there…thus it inspired them to create a Mediterranean fast food shop that is healthy and in line with the food and health standards that they believe in.
-Inspired by grab n’go and takeout in NYC and London, and want to bring that approach to their shop in LA.
-Half the menu is made to order for takeout, the other half is grab n’go prepared fresh daily.