This article is about why you should switch to sustainable clothing. The fashion industry is a major polluter and force of environmental degradation, but it’s not too late to do your part for the planet by switching to sustainable clothing. Sustainable clothing utilizes organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials that have a lesser negative impact on the environment than traditional materials. Every purchase of sustainable clothes protects the environment from further harm by keeping it clean and green!

Choosing Sustainable Clothing Will Help You Fight Global Warming

Switching to sustainable clothing isn’t just good for the environment, though. It will also help you fight global warming! From organic cotton fields to organic cotton manufacturing processes, every step of the way reduces some aspect of the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Choosing a good pair of eco-friendly shoes is one small change that can have a huge impact on planet Earth. Every purchase of an eco-friendly product puts money back into sustainable business practices and helps keep our planet clean. With more individuals making these types of choices, companies will be forced to follow suit if they want their products purchased by consumers who are informed of the benefits of sustainable clothing.

The Fashion Industry Is A Major Polluter

In the fashion industry, most of the pollution is caused by the production of non-organic cotton. According to the Organic Trade Association, cotton is a thirsty crop, consuming more chemicals per pound than any other. More chemicals are used in growing and harvesting it than pretty much any other fiber. Cotton is also a very water-intensive plant to grow. Not only does that mean that growers have been using up scarce groundwater supplies for their crops, but traditional cotton manufacturing methods involve huge amounts of precious freshwater as well. It takes about 20 times as much water as it does to produce organic cotton on a sustainable farm! That’s not even getting into how many soaps and chemicals are used for dyeing cotton fabrics.

Wearing Sustainable Clothing Uses Fewer Resources

When a sustainable clothing item is made, only a fraction of the resources needed to make non-sustainable clothing is used. For example, organic cotton clothing requires about 1/20th of the water it takes to produce non-organic cotton. And since organic cotton clothing doesn’t require as much water, it also releases fewer pollutants! Organic cotton can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and put off oxygen, so switching to it means that not only are you reducing your own carbon footprint but you’re also helping improve the environment around you!

Sustainable Clothing Is Better For Workers

Millions of people work in the fashion industry, and unfortunately, their working conditions are often quite poor. According to Fashion Revolution, “38% of workers in this industry report health problems including respiratory diseases and repeated nausea.” Fortunately, sustainable clothing isn’t made with as many hazardous chemicals which means that workers who make them aren’t exposed to as much danger. And since they use less water, sustainable clothing farms aren’t as harmful to waterways surrounding them so it would be easier for workers there to avoid harmful bacteria!

Sustainable Clothing Is Better For Your Health And The Environment!

Since sustainable clothing is made without pesticides and fertilizers, it’s better for your health to wear than traditional cotton. Since toxic chemicals aren’t used in the manufacturing process, you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects. In addition, those harmful toxins are kept out of the environment as well; there won’t be as much runoff from farms or factories containing toxic dyes. If every American swapped to buying only 1/4th of their clothes from sustainable sources, we could save about 96 billion gallons of water a year! There’s no reason not to make the switch today and help preserve our beautiful planet.

Switching To Wearing Sustainable Clothing Will Inspire Change

A lot of people would like to do something about the environment but don’t know where to start. Some people even claim that they can’t do anything because they don’t have control over certain things in their life (like their work or their public transportation system). But you have control over one of the biggest things that impact the environment, your clothing! By switching to sustainable clothing, you can make a powerful statement. And when enough people start making those statements, everyone will join in and the fashion industry will change for good!

There are many benefits to switching to sustainable clothing. Not only does it reduce the use of water and other chemicals, but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. It’s better for your health too! And by making this switch you can inspire change in others who will follow suit if they see that consumers care about sustainability issues.