The US is the world’s largest generator of plastic waste, with the average American generating roughly 130 kilograms of plastic waste per year. At Disruptive Drinkware, they want to change this narrative.

They’re a transformative company aimed at revolutionising the plastic bottle industry. Plastic bottles are mostly used one time and then disposed of. Think about the chemicals used in manufacturing these bottles and the image of their adverse effects to the environment becomes even clearer.

The Idea

Disruptive Drinkware acknowledges the fact that phasing out plastic bottles will not be an easy task. It has been a long 50 years of plastics dominating the commercial world. However, after years of research and financial investment, they finally came up with the best possible way of phasing out plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles seem to be more convenient, more so due to their availability. However, most Americans agree with us that having a multi-use bottle is better than a plastic bottle that is hardly reusable, and even so, it won’t be long before you have to recycle it. On there side, they understand the relevance of a multi-use hydration bottle and have rightfully played our role in satisfying the consumer’s needs.

Disruptive Drinkware Bottles

The most remarkable, all-inclusive Square Disruptive Drinkware bottle…that is what all the hard work and toil has amounted to. This bottle has a unique design and it has all you’re looking for in a bottle. We believe in putting the consumers’ interests first. The bottle is ingrained with the following features;

Click to Sip and Seal Technology

This comes in handy for easy drinking. They fitted a one-finger button to open and close. Forget the screwing on and off to drink with plastic bottles or other multi use bottles in the market today.

Triple Wall Insulated

The bottle is vacuum insulated. The inner wall is stainless steel reinforced with a copper coating for improved insulation. Uncomparable to plastic bottles, this bottle keeps its contents warmer or cold longer than anything they have tested.

Dent Resistant

Most if not all hydration bottles in the market are prone to scratches and dents, meaning there’s no guarantee for long service. However, the bottle’s outer wall is toughened to avoid such unnecessary inconveniences.

No Add-ons

The introduction of this bottle has brought to the market an all-inclusive bottle, with nothing to purchase separately. Pick your favorite color bottle, cap and strap combination at no additional cost.

User-friendly Handle

Fitted with a unique and comfortable handle meant to fit your palm and not your finger, you don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying a plastic water bottle around.

Unique Shape and Color

Its characteristic square shape makes our bottle a definite standout. You can also choose a color combination that perfectly suits your design.

All this in one bottle, sounds unreal, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not, and you can now forget about Single-use plastic bottles and switch with us to this new world..

The Game Plan

Though the Disruptive Drinkware bottle is considerably outperforming the rest, that alone is not enough to do away with the use of plastic bottles. According to a Statista report, U.S. bottled water volume increased by approximately 3.6 percent from 2019 to 2020.

We understand that the road toward achieving our objective is tough but we are determined nevertheless. For one, once our bottles are popularized and in use, there is a dire need for refilling points. The use of single-use plastic bottles will not cease, at least not until there are enough filling stations installed around the country.

And after thorough research, Penn State Sustainability Institute has since installed more than 100 water refill stations around the campus. Penn Staters use approximately 7.6 million water bottles annually. The average cost of one bottle is $20. That is a whopping $152 million per year.

Consider the cost of installing a Water refilling station which, according to Penn State University, ranges between $4,000 to $4,500, plus maintenance costs which can go as low as $650 per year. That is a sizable amount of money saved per year, which could go into other important courses.

Penn Staters not only have easy access to clean, good-tasting for their reusable water bottles, they help conserve the environment by not having to buy a single-use plastic water bottle every time they feel thirsty.

Keeping this in mind, we are taking the first step towards the goal. We are in the process of requesting every multi-use bottle wholesaler in America to join hands with us for this noble cause. They are the major players in the industry and are in a better place to understand the need. Also, they are in the same line of business so they should understand the importance.

We are asking these companies to join us in contributing .50 cents to conveniently set up filling stations around the country. We aim to start with schools.

Our second target area is in Places of large public gatherings. This will include parks, city squares, and areas with high traffic volume. We aim to have filling stations fixed around the country and ensure that everyone has access to safe water for their multi-use bottle.

With this in effect, it will lessen the dependency Americans have with single-use plastic, they can save money and make a massive impact on the environment using a multi-use bottle around and refill at their pleasure.

If using a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic can save the average American $1,236 every year, while conserving our environment, we will go the fullest extent to make this a reality.