Have you already decided which college and university you’re going to apply to? Stanford? Princeton? Columbia? Or maybe Dartmouth? And what about your college application? Have you already prepared one?
Usually, the problems begin when the candidates are asked to present an essay in their applications. The first question all students without exception have is about what and how to write in that essay. Should it be a descriptive writing? Should it be something personal? What can and what can’t you talk about in your applications? All of these questions bother every candidate who is serious about applying to a prestigious college or uni out there. Really, what should you talk about in your application essay? What do the commissions expect to see in it? Don’t worry. Writing an essay for a college is not harder than writing an essay at school, of course, if you know and stick to the main requirements it has. It is probably better to google write my essay for me please and have it done accordingly to the requirements of your university, if the deadline is close. But if you have more than a couple of days till submitting, read the recommendations below.
Things to Know Before Submitting an Admission Essay
Writing a winning admission essay is easier said than done. At least, this is what most students think. But when it comes to understanding the writing process itself, everything is slightly different. An admission essay is not a typical academic writing, which you’ve used to at high school. But this doesn’t mean it is something more complicated and boring than everything that you’ve written before.
The following 5 steps of writing an admission essay will prove it to you.
1. The very first step before you ever begin your writing is to understand the topic. This rule can be applied to an admission essay as well. Understand what the admission officers expect to get in your paper. Usually, universities provide the topics for the application essays on their websites. So, your mission is to find that topic and read it over for a couple of times. Make sure you understand the hidden requirements in that topic. For example, if there is a word «why» in the topic, than the admission officers are expecting you to explain something and provide the reasons for it. Pay attention to words like «what», «why»,
«when», etc.
2. Then, consider what makes you unique. No matter what the topic is. All admission essays are mainly about you. A student is always a central piece of an admission paper. You have to build your story around you only. Take a sheet of paper and write down the list of your best and worst qualities. Then, analyze it and figure out what exactly describes you most. Which of those features would you like to mention in your essay? Don’t be afraid to show your weak sides. Admission officers want to accept real students, but not those who pretend to be perfect. There are no perfect people out there. Everyone is different. And
everyone has ever failed in something. So, mention your achievements and failures as well.
3. Show your growth as an individual. When you mention your failures, don’t forget to show how you’ve grown from them, what lessons they have taught you. Show how they’ve influenced you and your decisions, including the decision to apply to this particular college or university.
4. Then, write the first draft, look at it very closely, analyzing every word that you’ve written. This is not the end result yet. So, if it is needed, make the improvements. The main goal of your essay is to show your uniqueness and authenticity. We’re not talking about some extraordinary talents or achievements. Uniqueness is about being yourself, being honest, and telling your own story, without trying to look like someone else. But don’t write your essay from a perspective of your high school teachers. Write it from a perspective of your parents and friends. Make it more personal and less formal. Use a conversational tone. Avoid any complex vocabulary, but don’t use slang and cliche phrases.
5. Edit, edit, and edit one more time. If you can’t be a good editor for yourself, ask someone else to do it for you. For example, proofread and edit your essay by yourself, then give it to your parents and ask them to do the same. What would they add to your application? What would they remove from it? Why? Let several people look at your admission essay and express their opinion about it.
So, the main goal of your admission essay is to show why you deserve to get accepted to a particular college or university. Always keep it in mind while working on your application.