The Top Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Thousands of government campaigns, health warnings, stickers on cigarette boxes, high-profile cases of lung cancer and/or heart attacks and perhaps even our own health problems make it apparent to us that smoking is definitely not good for you, but as smokers, we continue to pick up the cigarettes and cause harm to our bodies. Why? The main reason why smoking as a habit can be so hard to kick is that you become addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes. It doesn’t take long to become addicted, but once you’re hooked, your body will let you know when it needs a nicotine fix through some nasty withdrawal symptoms, making giving up even harder. But, could switching to vaping change all of this?


Still Get Your Nicotine Fix

E-juices don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals and gases such as carbon monoxide and tar which are found in conventional cigarettes. This is another big reason why many smokers make the switch to vaping instead by choosing products such as Virginia tobacco e-juice. Since there is nicotine in the e-juice that you use to vape with your e-cigarette, it’s a win-win situation – you get to quit smoking cigarettes but have a safer alternative which feels like you’re still smoking.

Choose Your Flavor

As a smoker of conventional cigarettes you can choose from tobacco, menthol, and sometimes licorice flavored cigarettes. However, when you make the switch to vaping, you will be met with a massive array of flavor options – the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re looking for traditional Virginia tobacco or want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruity-flavored fix, vaping never gets boring with so many different flavors to try.

Save Money

Many quitters are financially motivated – and it’s not surprising, given that cigarettes do not come cheap and there’re plans to put the prices up even more for the future in a bid to encourage smokers to give up the habit. Switching to vaping means that you’ll have a far cheaper habit than smoking conventional cigarettes – the biggest purchase that you’ll make is the e-cigarette or vaporizer itself, then you’ll be required to purchase e-liquids to use with it as and when they run out. Although you won’t save every penny that you spend on your smoking habit, it’s good to know that you’ll definitely save a significant amount.

Improve Your Health

Last but certainly not least, one of the best reasons why you should consider making the switch from conventional cigarettes to vaping is that it is better for your health. Since e-liquid does not contain any of the harmful gases and chemicals in conventional cigarettes, you will be at much less risk of diseases such as cancer or heart disease and you’ll see a noticeable difference when it comes to things such as breathing easier as your lungs start to recover.

If you’re looking to ditch the cigarettes for good, there’s no need to go cold turkey – switching to vaping could mean that you never touch another cigarette again in your life!