For a long amount of time it has been considered un-masculine to groom as a man, but in these modern and ever progressive times, men are beginning to see the benefits of taking proactive care of themselves. Looking your best is not gender specific and, after all, what is wrong with wanting to look good? Stepping out of the front door in the mornings having taken a little bit of time to take care of your appearance will give you the boost of confidence you need to excel at work, talk to new people, and feel great overall.

In this guide, you will learn of five simple ways you can achieve this that won’t take up a huge amount of time but will yield amazing results.

The importance of a good shave

As a man, one of the biggest grooming rituals you will need to do, and already be somewhat familiar with, is shaving. Whether you are completely clean shaven or like to tidy up the hair on your neck or cheeks, you will need a razor that gives you smooth, close shave so that you are always looking great. The problem with traditional multi-blade razors is that they actually cause more irritation to the skin and have been linked to painful in growing hairs.

An alternative to this is using safety blades, and you can read more here about how to make the best choice of blade for your shaving needs. Aside from being cheaper and more environmentally friendly, the main benefit of safety blades is that the shave they provide is effortlessly smooth, quick to achieve, and completely eliminates the redness and inflammation that regular blades cause.

It’s all skin-deep

Having a skin-care routine is especially important as a man precisely because you have to shave. Keeping both your skin and beard soft and healthy is an essential way of presenting as the very best version of yourself. To put together a simple skin-care routine doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. All you need are these three essentials:

• Face wash

• Face scrub

• Moisturize

Washing your face will get rid of surface impurities and dirt, scrubbing will clean out your pores, preventing blackheads and spots, while the moisturizer will keep the skin looking plump and young.

You can add extras to this routine to help tailor it to your skin type and specific needs. For example, if your skin dried out in cold weather, using a serum alongside your moisturizer is a good addition, or if you suffer from breakouts of spots, finding products that contain witch-hazel or tea tree will help to calm down the inflammation.

Looking after your body

Of course, skin-care doesn’t just mean your face as having a basic routine that covers skin-care for your body will help all of you to feel great all over.

The biggest thing you can do starting tomorrow is to make sure that you moisturize all over every time you come out of the shower. Every time you are stood under the hot water, all your pores open up which helps any clogged dirt to leave, much like when you use a scrub on your face, but it also lets moisture escape with it. Replenishing this and giving your skin a boost of hydration will be a near effortless way of making sure that you feel great. Besides, there is nothing more comfortable than slipping into your clothes with properly hydrated skin.

Another suggestion is to get exfoliating gloves to use in the shower. These work by being made of a slightly abrasive fabric that helps to get dirt out of the skin. Simply put the gloves on, apply a liberal dash of your favorite body wash, and shower as normal to have extra smooth skin.

It’s all on your head

Following some easy hair care and styling tips is a great way to make sure you are looking fantastic on every occasion. The key to this is to know a.) the style you are trying to achieve, and b.) what your specific hair needs to look its best.

Want to keep a hairstyle all day long? – Using pre-styling products is the easiest way of ensuring your hairstyle doesn’t droop or loosen the perfectly quaffed look you achieved that morning. If your style requires volume and thickness, then applying a volumizing mousse to the hair after towel drying is a great way of keeping structure. If your style is something a bit slicker, then a hair serum is a great way to add shine and strength.

Thinning on top? – Switch to matte products as these will help to absorb the light and instantly give your hair the appearance of looking thicker with more volume. Another great benefit of using matte products is that they help to texturize the hair, giving you greater freedom to experiment.

Nothing there? – If you are either bald or balding, this doesn’t mean caring for your head stops. Many men can get embarrassed about this, but the truth is it suits a lot of people. Always make sure to regularly shave your head to give yourself a smooth scalp and continue to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to take care of your scalp and avoid flaking.

Looking sharp

Finally, part of your grooming routine should always be to follow these simple style tips for men so that you are the full package. To get you started, all you need to do is follow these three tips:

1. Get clothes tailored and adjusted to suit your body shape and provide you with better comfort.

2. Quality over quantity is always a must. Invest in clothes that suit you rather than fast fashion.

3. Accessorizing with simple things like a quality watch or a smart leather suitcase for work are ways to add effortless class to your look.

Grooming should be an essential part of every man’s day, and with these helpful ideas, you will be looking like a million dollars in no time at all.