Let’s face it.  There is a smorgasbord of exercise equipment out there, designed for slimming up, trimming up, buffing up and getting into excellent shape.  People spend hundreds of dollars purchasing products seen on infomercials,  ranging from thigh slammers to waist trimmers.  Treadmills, weight machines, free weights, exercise classes and gym memberships are offered in every city and every town, across our country and around the world.  For the exercise enthusiast, this is awesome!   But there’s another place everyone can go (and should go) to get  into amazing physical, mental and emotional shape…  Outside.


Yes!  The finest gym on earth is Outside. Free of charge. No membership required.

I often pull my clients out of the brick and mortar gym, filled with all that fabulous exercise equipment and take them to a park or beach for an amazing, results -driven, equipment-free workout program.  Here’s one of my favorite local park workouts.  Grass, stairs and a bench is all you need.

Check it out:

4 Walkouts – straight legs touch your toes and walk hands out to plank and back to toes.  Repeat 4x

Plank 60 seconds – on your elbows and toes – legs straight. Hold this pose

15 triceps push-ups  – elbows remain in along side your body with each push-up

8 chest press push-ups

15 jumping jacks

25 runners (hands and feet plank position alternating knees to chest in a running motion)

Run up stairs (jog or walk down) 5 minutes

15 toe-toucher hops (straight legs touch toes then reach to the sky and jump)

15 deep seated squats

1 minute squat with your back against a wall

50 calf raises with over-head arm presses (raise up and down on your toes while lifting arms from shoulders to over head)

15 lunges on each leg – alternating legs


15 triceps dips (off stairs or a park bench)

15 incline triceps push-ups (using a park bench or stairs)

Run up stairs (jog or walk down) 5 minutes

One minute of arm circles – arms straight out to your sides, start circling those arms

50 military crunches – Abs

Repeat the above workout 2 more times (and feel the burn!)

Have fun!  And wear sunscreen.


Dara Sandrini
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
Vitamin “D” Fitness