More and more people are showing a keen interest in playing vinyl records once again. Statistics back this up because in the previous year alone, the sales for vinyl records ballooned after a couple of decades that it seemed to disappear from the scene. There can be a number of factors that can contribute to people’s obsession with vinyl records and below are some of them.

Sound Quality

On a more technical side, the sound generated by playing vinyl records has more peaks and valleys when compared to the compressed digital audio format. These peaks and valleys are very apparent to music lovers because it enhances the sound quality. In fact, people who are accustomed to listening to MP3s can tell that there is something different to the sound they are hearing upon listening to a vinyl record for the first time.

There is also the element of the surface noise generated by the gentle hum of the needle along the record when you play through the turntable. However, when you setup a record player, make sure that your turntable is leveled because the stylus is highly susceptible to vibrations. These vibrations may reduce the sound quality, rather than enhance it.

Ultimate Experience

For some people, listening to vinyl records brings forth a certain nostalgia. For others, there is something about the physical interaction they have with the record that makes their listening experience complete. The tactile experience of being able to open the package and actually hold the record in their hands is one of the reasons why people still invest in vinyl records.

Listening to vinyl records brings forth an active, and not a passive experience because you need to move over the needle of the turntable from time to time. You even need to flip the record. This makes you present in the moment while the music is playing because as you are listening, you tend to take time and look at the album art or read the lyrics of the songs.

A Thing of Value

Vinyl records are valuable and the records that you purchase now may increase to ten times its value in a couple of decades. Aside from this, vinyl records are also more aesthetically appealing compared to CDs or cassette tapes. This is another reason why they are considered as a thing of value.

There are also those people who love the thrill of hunting rare vinyl records. This entails the need for them to frequently visit different flea markets or local record stores just to get hold of a precious record.

In conclusion, it seems that vinyl records are here to stay. Aside from the impeccable sound quality that you get from playing vinyl records, the surface noise it brings along with the hymn just induces a calming feeling. Others simply have a sheer obsession for vinyl records because of nostalgia or the tactile experience it brings. There is also the element of a challenging hunt to find the valuable records that adds to the reason why people can’t seem to get enough of the famous vinyl records.