Thanks to technology and the wonders of the internet, we can now learn so many new skills that were previously considered impossible to learn online. This saves us time, effort, and possibly even money because most teachers or instructors don’t charge money if it’s online, or they charge a minimal cost. The lessons could come in the form of free, informative videos as well. So, if you’re wondering about some of the new skills that you might be able to develop digitally, then here’s a list of some of the common ones that you can learn online.

Learn a Musical Instrument

Most people used to think that learning a musical instrument needs an instructor to physically teach it in front of you. But you don’t have to do that anymore thanks to technology and the internet. So many music instructors have online courses that are filled with videos, tips, and informative guides on how to play the musical instrument of your choice. You will learn how to play it and follow the step-by-step guide with visual aids and video clips that can help you learn this amazing skill. It could be anything from the guitar, piano, harmonica, or the flute. The choice of instrument is up to you and you are bound to find a decent method to learn how to play it online.

Work on Your Vocals

There is a lot that you can learn about your vocals that is more than just controlling the sound or pitch of your voice. This type of skill is perfect for singers and people that give public speeches. You will need the help of a voice coach to help you focus and prepare before a performance or a public announcement. You will be able to find the best vocal coaches on YouTube that have the experience, skill, and helpful techniques that can help you bring out your full potential. Whether it’s for singing, communication, voice acting, and much more, you can start practicing with your voice through various contemporary techniques while following the tips from the videos online.

Learning a New Language

It has been proven many times before that learning a new language online wasn’t as effective as having an instructor or teacher giving out lessons in a class. But numerous apps and digital methods with videos have changed and it has become much more engaging than before, making it an excellent choice for you if enrolling in a language center isn’t an option. You can get the course online and learn the basics of it easily with different engaging techniques that can help you absorb the language quicker. The idea behind learning a language is consistency, repetition, and a lot of practice. The significant amount of practice is available now online and it’s not just a theoretical course with boring and ineffective methods. So, whether you want to learn French, Italian, German, Korean, or even Latin, it’s all possible and effective to learn online.


As surprising as it sounds, you can learn the art of whistling through different online videos and guides. It will take a significant amount of practice, but it’s easier when you’re following the steps online. You can even learn the difficult technique of whistling with your fingers, allowing you to do the very loud whistle that gets people’s attention or call your dog over. It’s very simple and unique to learn how to whistle online through numerous videos that can help a lot of people who never learned how to whistle before.

Building a Fire

This is another amazing skill to learn as building a fire can come in handy on a lot of occasions. People used to learn this back on their boy or girl scouts group or if they saw their dad or grandfather do it on their camping trips. However, now you can check an informative and easy video that teaches you to start a fire with different techniques that are safe and effective. It’s perfect to learn this on your next camping trip or hike outdoors when the COVID-19 outbreak effects pass.

There is always room to learn something new, especially during the difficult times of the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone is already socially distant and staying safe at home, making this a wonderful opportunity to watch different videos, browse educational platforms, and learn a skill or two that you have always wanted to acquire. We all have extra time on our hands at home now and this is a great way to spend our time as we wait for this pandemic to pass.