Makeup makes anyone and everyone looks good, even if you’re not all that great at applying it! It’s a versatile tool you can use to change your face shape, brighten and highlight certain features, and make your skin look more smooth or glowing. And when you’re headed out somewhere, of course you want to look your best!

However, this can have a negative effect. People can feel completely naked without wearing it, and might find it hard to even feel beautiful without it. And that’s something we want to tackle today. If regular makeup use has convinced you your face can’t be bare, here are some tips to claw back control.

Focus on Hydration

Hydration needs to be deeper than your skin. If you want to look and feel good without wearing any makeup, be sure to focus on your actual physical health first. That means eating the right foods (and plenty of them!), as well as drinking a good amount of water each day. It’s a simple trick, but it’s an effective one! Get your vitamins and minerals, squeeze some juice flavorings into your glass, and get your liters in by the time you go to bed.

Follow a Skincare Routine

A proper skincare routine is going to make your skin glow no matter what! So, start with hydration like we said above, then focus on pampering yourself a little morning and night. Buy products like those from the ole hendrickson range, mix and match your creams and your serums, and see what really works for you. What makes you feel good? What feels light on your skin? Experiment and find the routine that brings out your best side.

Try Something New with Your Hair

Your beauty isn’t just about the way your face looks. It’s about the whole person that you are, as well as your other features. Take your hair for instance. You can experiment with so many different styles and see how they change your own perception of your beauty.

Hair tied up in a bun? Magically higher cheekbones! Hair in waves cascading past your shoulders? Fuller lips and eyes! So invest in a couple of products that’ll smooth down frizz and hold any curls in place and just try something new.

Watch Out for the Weather

Any weather, even the mildest of temperatures, is going to affect your skin. Makeup can often cover up the ‘blemishes’ caused by the dryness in winter and the over-oily feeling in summer, but what if you go without? You can still look just as good, you just need to prepare for what’s going on outside. Moisturize when the temperature has dropped and exfoliate more often when the sun is permanently out – it really is as simple as that.

If you want to spend less time doing your makeup, but you’re worried how it’ll affect your look, keep tips like these in mind. You don’t need to line your facial features to look and feel beautiful!