Putting on makeup is an activity enjoyed by many women; it does not only change your mood, but it is also pretty fun to play with to create different looks. How many times have you applied makeup just because you were bored and wanted to indulge in something enjoyable for a bit? We have all done that at one point; however, you cannot unlock the full potential of makeup without having a good base. Thus, you need to follow a routine to highlight your natural beauty and look your best even without makeup. If you do not know how to start, then this article is for you. We have compiled a list of tips to help you look naturally flawless without foundation, lipstick, or other makeup products.

1-Wash Your Face the Right Way

It sounds so simple, right? We all wash our faces without even thinking about it, but washing your face involves more than just picking the nearest bar of soap and scrubbing vigorously. You need to buy a face wash made for your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, or a mix of both. In case you suffer from acne or any other skin condition, you need to get your dermatologist’s advice on what products to use to prevent exacerbating the problem. Moreover, you need to be gentle with your face; do not scrub too hard in order not to damage the skin. Use a gentle circular motion to thoroughly get rid of oil and sweat and, please, do not sleep with makeup on. This will trap oil and dirt and make your skin more prone to breakouts.

2-Follow Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Having a dazzling smile will greatly contribute to looking great without makeup. You should wash your teeth at least twice a day and floss to get rid of any food particles stuck between your teeth. However, any toothbrush will not simply do; you should invest a bit in top rated toothbrushes, as they will help you clean your teeth more effectively. Electric toothbrushes are always a good idea because they are better at cleaning every angle of your teeth, which may be harder to reach with a regular toothbrush.

3-Use a Toner

Toners can do wonders when it comes to having glowing skin. They help close your pores after you wash your face and remove any residue. In the long run, incorporating a toner into your skincare routine will result in acne-free skin marred by no wrinkles. The market is full of different brands at varying price points; nonetheless, there are cheap natural alternatives. Rosewater makes a perfect toner, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It will also help heal scars and make them less pronounced.

4-Do Not Pop Pimples

You must hate how pesky and inconvenient pimples can be when you have an important occasion. They seem to come out of nowhere. Yet, you have to resist the urge to poke or pop them because you will only spread bacteria all over your face. We know it can be weirdly satisfying, but popping pimples can also result in scarring, which is definitely the opposite of what you want.

5-Use Castor Oil

We are suckers for thicker, longer lashes that seem to be sometimes only achieved by using mascara. However, you will not need to wear mascara anymore, as castor oil will be your new best friend. It helps grow your lashes and make them look thicker and fuller, so you can have the dramatic look you want. It can also be used to grow your eyebrows if they are thin. Castor oil is truly a miraculous natural product!

6-Moisturize and Use Face Masks

Yes, you read that right. Even if you have oily skin, you should moisturize your face after washing it and using a toner. Sometimes, our skin produces more oil to compensate for how dry it is. Help your face by giving it enough moisture, especially in winter to prevent dry, itchy skin. Furthermore, you should invest in good face masks that suit your skin type. If you want a natural alternative, then try a milk and honey mask. It will give you clear, fresh skin.

7-Drink Water

Hydration plays a big role in getting the skin of your dreams. It keeps your skin glowing and gets rid of toxins. Water does the same function of your expensive anti-aging cream, as it helps rejuvenate the skin and leave it naturally moisturized and clear.

Although makeup helps us create beautiful, versatile looks, it can be quite taxing on our skin. You need to give your face a break by making use of the above tips to get beautiful, healthy skin and look gorgeous even without makeup. Remember, confidence is also important, so smile and rock your makeup-free look!