Do you envy your friends when they post their swanky home interiors online? If yes, you should not miss this blog post at any cost.

Let’s face it. We all run short of time. Juggling between kids, home, and jobs, we hardly get time to improve our home décor. Moreover, it is also a general notion that updating a home demands time and effort.

But, trust us, this is not the case anymore. With some quick and smart hacks, you can also make your home look straight out of the magazine or, what you say, Instagram-worthy. So keep reading on as we outline some amazing and affordable tips that will rejuvenate your interiors and make your home look as new as ever.

Create a Statement Wall

One of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh your interiors is by creating a statement wall with your favorite wall art. Here are some ideas for you:

You can paste a modern wallpaper of beautiful prints on one wall of your living room. It will effectively cover all wall imperfections as well. You can also add wall art of your choice to add some vibrant hues. For example, if you love pets, these wall art of dogs can be a great option to update your room.

Hang Curtains

Another interesting way to make your home look Insta-worthy is by hanging curtains. You see, drapes have a unique charm in them. They instantly uplift the dull ambiance of the room, making it look lovely and fresh.

What are the designs of curtains trending in 2022? Heavy and synthetic curtains are a big no this year. On the contrary, opt for feather-light and soft curtains that make your room look breezy and spacious. Some trending colors to look for this year are:

  • Lighter shades of yellow
  • White and off-white
  • Pastel pink
  • Dark and light green

Play with Lights

Lighting in a room can make or break its final appearance. At times, a simple lighting update can do the magic for you if your furniture, drapes, and upholstery are on point. Here are some top and affordable lighting options for your home:

  • Statement Lighting
  • Art Décor Style Furniture Lighting
  • Flood Lights
  • Spot Lights
  • Chandeliers

How about a Wall Painting?

Breathe life into your dull walls by hanging a beautiful wall painting on them. This simple and cost-effective step will make the room look elegant and charming. Place some statement furniture pieces against this wall, and your Insta-selfie wall is ready. Here are some amazing wall painting options for you:

  • Rainbow Painting
  • Dog Wall Art
  • Neon Paintings
  • Moon Wall Art

Add a Rug

The rugs are beautiful. They instill a unique glamour and sensuousness in the space. So, you just got another brilliant idea to give a fresh look to your interiors. The best part is that you get many rug options to select from.

You can go for a peppy piece to make the space look vibrant. Apart from this, a humble jute rug will make the room more welcoming and warm. So, the choice is yours. Just ensure it goes well with the mood of the space.

Bottom Line

So, these were some easy peasy tips and hacks to make your home look social-media ready. The list of such recommendations is endless. But you need to pick the ideas that will help you transform the aura of your place. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up, start ornamenting your home, and show the world how beautiful it is.