A beautiful lawn is every homeowner’s dream come true. If you have a lush green lawn, you will become the envy of the entire block. It is this beauty that causes your home value to shoot upwards. Potential buyers have no qualms with paying extra for properties with well-manicured lawns. While your neighbors only see the beautiful green grass from the outside, you are the one who gets to enjoy the real benefits of installing the artificial turf. If possible, avoid natural grass at all costs. The latter is hectic to maintain, and despite your best efforts, it might still appear lackluster.

This post explores the top ten advantages of you, as a homeowner, installing artificial lawn at your porches or front lawns instead of natural grass. We have outlined and discussed critical aspects such as the cost considerations and effort required to cultivate a natural lawn versus an artificial turf at your property, among others.

1. Saves Water

A natural lawn requires watering now and then, which can greatly increase your water bills. To keep your lawn spruced up, you have to turn on the sprinklers early in the morning and at the end of the day. That is not the case with artificial turfs, however. With artificial grass, you only use water when cleaning it. Cleaning of artificial grass is done periodically. This option is, therefore, the best choice for people residing in drought-prone areas. This water economy allows you to save huge sums of money in the long term.

2. Safe for all

Maintaining an artificial lawn does not require the use of potentially harmful pesticides, weed killers, or even fertilizers. These chemicals pose a great deal of danger to kids, and that is why some cities have altogether banned natural lawns in their public parks. Your kids can safely play and enjoy themselves on this artificial grass without you worrying about them ingesting or getting exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

3. No Mowing

There is nothing quite as tiring as mowing a lawn. For your natural grass to stay fresh and appealing, you are required to mow it regularly. Mowing is not only tedious but also time-consuming, and you may be forced to pay for this essential service. Save yourself some precious time, energy, and other resources by installing an artificial turf that does not need regular mowing. Many homeowners find themselves squeezed off the time to perform regular mowing, and no wonder they end up with unsightly lawns. Unkempt lawns pose a great danger to you and your family in that they might harbor deadly animals like snakes.

4. Easy Maintenance

An artificial lawn requires little effort to maintain as compared to a natural one. To keep your artificial turfs looking glam, you only need to use leaf blowers to eliminate organic materials. Additionally, you only need to water your artificial grass once in a blue moon. Use the spare time to bond with your pets and kids instead of spending your free weekends mowing.

5. Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is great for your pets. Your dogs will love spending time on these lawns. As a bonus, you will not have difficulty cleaning your artificial grass when the dogs leave a mess on it. You only require some clean water and soap to get rid of the poop or left behind by your pets. It also has anti-bacterial properties to help prevent the wanton spreading of harmful germs in your pets.

6. Aesthetic appeal

No one can deny that artificial lawns are beautiful. These lawns leave your front porches looking great, and that acts to improve your property’s overall valuation. Since you do not need to keep on watering and cleaning this lawn, it always looks green and fresh, and that is why most homeowners prefer it over the natural option. These turfs help to eliminate mud and puddling on your property. Runoff water is properly redirected via channels, and that helps to prevent pooling.

7. Very Economical

With a natural lawn, you are expected to shop for pesticides and fertilizers to keep it green and healthy. After you have applied fertilizers, rest assured that pests, critters, and all manner of bugs will show up to take refuge in your natural turf. However, with artificial grass, you do not need these chemicals, and pests are an unheard-of issue.

8. Long-Lasting

Your artificial lawn has the potential to last for years once installed. These lawns are incredibly resilient, even in high-traffic areas, and they will withstand any climate or weather. Artificial grass is resistant to ultraviolet light, and as such, it does not fade with time. Once you’ve installed quality turfs, you forget all about the issue for many years to come.

9. No Weeds

One of the biggest challenges of having a natural lawn is the weeds. Weeds can very easily creep into your grass, and it becomes a daunting task to get rid of them. Weed control is a costly endeavor, and that is why you ought to have artificial turf. Yes, you might occasionally find a few weeds here and there on your artificial turfs, but they are insignificant compared to what you would find in natural grass.

10. Environmentally Friendly

Not having to use pesticides and other chemicals on your artificial grass is great for the environment. Pesticides adversely affect the ozone layer, and that compounds the already dire global warming situation. What is more, these chemicals may get washed up in rivers where they end up doing more harm than good. Stick with artificial grass as it does not require such chemicals and leave a positive environmental impact.

This guide has only listed the top ten prominent benefits of installing artificial turf on your property. The truth is that the benefits of human-made turfs could go on and on forever. Make the right choice: Invest in artificial turf today even though it may be a bit pricey at first and reap these and many more benefits in the years to come.

Once you have laid out the grass carpet, your property value keeps on improving. The best part is that you will have created a safe, serene, and beautiful space where you and the entire family can relax and enjoy yourselves while at home. If you would love to install authentic turfs for guaranteed results, contact our experts and let us discuss more about the benefits, design ideas, and even much more.