Ipswich in Queensland is a property hotspot in today’s market. At a 45 minute drive away from Brisbane, the town of Ipswich gives residents their own community and space while still being fairly close to the big city. As it is so close to Brisbane, the list of things to do is endless however, Ipswich in its own right has more than you could imagine on offer. To get a better idea of the area, have a look at these houses for sale in the Spring Mountains as I take you through the top ten things that you can do in Ipswich this weekend.

1. The Soul Nook Collective 

This is unlike any other experience you’ve had! Relax as you are welcomed by a serene picnic setting on the water’s edge, decorated beautifully within a bell tent by the Soul Nook Collective.

2. Robelle Domain

There is endless fun to be had for all at Robelle Domain. Made up of boardwalks, fields and playgrounds, this park spreads over 24hA to ensure that everyone can join in on the fun!

3. Bob Gamble Park 

On the days that you need to cool off, experience the fun of Ipswich’s Bob Gamble Park. Not only does the park feature a zero-depth water park, but there are also bike tracks, play equipment and picnic and BBQ facilities!

4. Ipswich Nature Centre

The Ipswich Nature Centre is a showcase of number of furry friends within lush and deep enclosures. The park asks only for a gold coin donation for the upkeep of the animals so it is perfect for a family trip on a budget!

5. Spring Mountain Conservation Park

One of the biggest reserves in the area is the White Rock in the Spring Mountain Conservation Estate. Discover the beauty of native flora and fauna in the park’s forested ridges, escarpments and valleys that cover over 25000h of pure bushland.

6. Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties

In this unique exhibition, you can see mugshots from the era of the twenties underworld. Not only do you get to see the criminals and law breakers, but also the police officers that were pivotal to their takedowns.

7. The Workshop’s Rail Museum

Once the workplace for over 3000 workers, the Workshop’s Rail Museum is now at the heart of the town, showcasing what it was like back in the day. Dive into the shoes of train drivers and workers in the broiler room through the Rail Museum’s immersive tours and activities for the whole family.

8. Hidden Vale Adventure Park

Boasting over 12000 acres of land it’s hard to think of this Adventure Park as being hidden. However, with 100km of winding bike and walking tracks within native plants and animals, it is one of the area’s best kept secret gems.

9. Urbane Night Markets

Held once a month, the Urbane Night Markets bring together the town’s best with food, craft and music stalls that bring incredible aromas and fun times to be had by the whole family. Find your perfect home in the Spring Mountains with Lendlease Communities. With bus and train services connecting you to events like these, you can engage in the community spirit of the Ipswich community.

10. Kholo Gardens

Experience nature like you never have before in Kholo Gardens at the base of Pine Mountain. Although there may only be small walking tracks, the gardens are enclosed in native yet rare plants and animals making for a beautifully unique experience.

If you’re tired of visiting the same beaches and water parks in Queensland, you may wish to look into the surrounding suburbs outside of the city walls. With hidden gems and exciting adventures that pepper the state of Queensland, towns like Ipswich have become the next biggest interest for real estate in today’s market. Secure yourself a home in these locations today and experience a sense of community and unity thanks to Lendlease Communities.