It’s the most wonderful time of the year- summer, that is. The sun feels warmer, the air seems clearer, the ocean is more enticing and people come out from the woodworks. With more people out and about town, there’s more reason to dress to impress. Lucky for us, it’s fashion roll-over from spring with similar styles and colors and an added bit of modifications. Let’s take a closer look at summer’s top 3 hottest styles right now:

3. The Look: Printed pants (or shorts) and booties


The Occasion: Almost anything, from casual outings at night to job interviews.

The Key: Matching both solids and the print. For example, the print can be as loud as you want, as long as it is accompanied by a solid, neutral colored ankle booty and similar colored shirt. Because the printed pants are such a statement, opt for a plainer shirt to avoid walking around like a circus explosion…especially if you’re on an interview.

Tip: Add a big, longer necklace and you’re ready to take over the world






2. The Look: Overalls


The Occasion: Brunch with friends or concerts at night

The Key: Believe it or not, overalls are making a comeback. Seeing that they’re not as flattering in certain parts of the body, the best way to rock them is by showing off your legs. A cute crop-top and some fun sandals make it the perfect outfit for meeting your girlfriends from breakfast. Add a cool printed tee and combat boots to head to your favorite band at night.

Tip: You can alter the look with lots of bracelets or floral fishnet leggings







1. The Look: Dresses and sneakers


The Occasion: Fun in the sun

The Key: You really can’t do this look wrong. Because dresses are so feminine and sneakers are more tomboyish, it’s important to get the right pair together. For instance, you don’t want to wear a floral print dress with floral print shoes. Stick to basics- less is more.

Tip: Natural makeup enhances the look- the dress will say it all. Watch out boys!