Road trips are essential to bringing friends and families closer together. You share a ridiculous amount of time trapped in a vehicle together and you share the experience and memories for the rest of your life, so it’s no surprise that most people need to do this at least once in their lives! However, to keep you all from driving each other mad, it’s always a good idea to plan on keeping the ride interesting and have a couple of games ready so the fun is never ending, all the way to your destination and back!

This is why we’ve made a list of the top 6 games you can play while on the road.

Travel Board Games

It’s a given that obviously the driver won’t be in on this game, but there are often times where the person driving just wants to focus on what they’re doing while the rest of the passengers do their thing. Travel board games can kill a lot of time and are also a ton of fun. Games such as Scrabble have a travel version where they’re either designed in a way where nothing falls easily, or it’s been made in card form. If you want to prepare for this before the trip, or get a little help because you’re not that great at unscrambling letters, then look up a website to help you out. You’ll find that using this website will help you unscramble, and will teach you a ton of new words as well. Having a little help can go a long way! You can also play normal card games or even Uno.

While You Slept

When taking these road trips, there’s always going to be someone dozing off, so a fun game would be ‘While you Slept’. As soon as this person wakes up, you all join forces to make up a wonderfully crazy story about what you saw and what happened while they slept. Really tap into your imagination and have fun with this- it will be a blast!

Alphabet Words

For the more straightforward kind of games that are fun, but don’t require too much thinking, this is the best go-to lazy game. The first person says a word, and the next person has to think of a word that starts with the same letter the last word ended with. This can go on for ages and is really a ton of fun as well. It works well for both kids and adults, so it’s perfect.

Music Addict

If you’re fed up with listening to the radio, but still want to have some music in the car, try out the music addict game! The first person starts off with a lyric from a song they know, and the next person has to come up with a different lyric that is somewhat related. If you can manage, try to keep the tune of the first song going until someone messes up, then you can start all over again!


This is a great car game to play because it requires imagination mixed with a bit of playfulness. The first person says ‘fortunately’ and makes a positive statement about whichever topic you all chose. The next has to say ‘unfortunately’ and make a negative statement about the same topic. This is easy at first, and can get more challenging and much funnier as it goes along.

Spelling Bee

This is a classic, but it never fails at times of boredom! The spelling bee is exactly what it sounds like- you pick words for the next person to spell, and you can keep working up the difficulty as you go along, and make sure you keep score to make it more fun! Make sure you have a dictionary app open so that you can really pump things up!

When it comes to road trips, you don’t have to worry about what you can do to pass the time in case anyone gets bored. There are a variety of games to pick from, and the 6 that have been mentioned here are bound to get the ball rolling and have you really enjoying the trip from the get go till the very end. You can take it from actual board and card games if the driver isn’t interested, or you could go down the route of creative, challenging, and of course, absolutely fun games that not only kill the time, but help you bond with fun and laughter with everyone in the car with you. Road trips are simply not complete without these games!