Essential oils have long been a component of different forms of herbal medicine and can have a great benefit to humans when regularly administered. They also, amazingly, offer an abundance of benefits to animals too! For years, we have been completely unaware of the many benefits that essential oils can have on our pets, both in improving their coat, their health, and their quality of life. This page will offer you seven oils that your pet needs to try. Before you administer any essential oils to your pet, be sure to consult their veterinarian. Your pet may have allergies you are unaware of, or the oils may not be compatible with medication that your pet may be taking; blindly administering essential oils to anything, human or animal, is dangerous and should be avoided.

Here are the top seven oils that your pet needs to try!

01. CBD Oil

If in the past you may have struggled to find a solution to some of your pet’s ailments, then look no further than here. This article will hope to help you with that, and, by the end of this page, you should be able to properly treat and address your pet’s health problems with the help of oils! CBD oil, the first on our list, is one of the most effective.

CBD oil has had a massive amount of success when used in humans and is a huge part of homeopathic medicine all around the world. It has success in treating anxiety; depression; fatigue; cancer; nausea, and other conditions. CBD oil can also be used to treat your pets, both as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-anxiety. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, then giving them CBD oil could be a wonderful way to improve their mental health and help them relax.

02. Aloe Vera Oil

Aloe Vera can make your pet sick if ingested, but when used on the surface of your pet’s skin, is very beneficial; after using, bandage and ensure your pet cannot access the area it has been applied to. Aloe Vera oil can help bruises, burns, and minor irritations (allergic reactions, etc) to heal. It can also reduce the pain of injuries like burns and inflammation. Aloe Vera should be applied moderately to the area, but as aforementioned, you must never allow your pet to ingest the oil, lest they grow sick.

03. Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is an oil derived from the seed of the carrot plant. This oil is a very healthy oil that can be a wonderful addition to your pet’s treatment plan. It should be used, as with Aloe Vera Oil, on the surface of your pet’s skin, and must never be ingested. Carrot seed can be used for skincare, such as moisturizing; first aid; reducing the appearance of scars; reducing allergic reactions; inflammation; wound healing. Carrot seed oil is a very great asset and something you should consider incorporating into your pet’s daily life.

04. Marjoram Oil

Marjoram oil is a pleasant, fragrant, herbal oil that can be calmative and reduce your pet’s anxiety. It is antispasmodic and very antibacterial. It is often used as a substitute for Tea Tree Oil. It can be used for bacterial skin infections that would be ordinarily treated with antibiotics and wound care. It is an insect repellent and reduces bad behaviour from male dogs who have not been neutered. Marjoram is an oil that some pets are very allergic to, so consult your vet and patch test before you begin using large doses of the medicine.

05. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a very healthy oil that can be given orally to your dog. It is a digestive aid and a circulatory stimulant after your pet injures themselves, sprains a muscle, has arthritis, dysplasia, or any strains. If your pet is suffering from nausea and motion sickness, you can mix a teaspoon of vegetable oil, seven drops of ginger oil, and eight of peppermint; administer three drops orally. It is recommended by experts as safe for pets.

06. Rose Oil

Rose oil, while very expensive, is a great addition to your pet’s skincare routine. It can stabilize your pet’s central nervous system and have very calmative effects. It can also reduce skin conditions.

07. Valerian Oil

Valerian oil, derived from Valerian root, is a very calmative and relaxing oil that can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and help your pet to chill out. It is best used when introducing your pet to a new environment, during fireworks, or after you have scolded them for misbehaving.

Now, with the help of this page, you know seven oils that can bear great benefit when given to your pet’s. Our pets are an extension of our family, and we want them to stay in the best of health, which is why administering these oils is a great idea.