Professional makeup artists have the freedom of creative expression, with each new face providing a canvas for their art. They can also work in a variety of areas including photo shoots, and even film and TV. As such, it is no surprise that many young people are lining up to enter the profession. So how do you go about becoming a professional makeup artist?

Here is a list of the top beauty tutorial apps to hone your skills and set you on a path to a successful career.


With YouTube all you have to do is type in’ makeup tutorials’ or ‘beauty tutorials’ and you will be on your way. The site will provide you with thousands of tutorial choices from experienced makeup artists and beauticians (many with a following in the hundreds of thousands) who specialize in different areas of the industry. Not only will you learn about things such as makeup application and various creams and potions, beauty vloggers will also show you what products are best for creating a certain look.

According to the writer for EDUCALINKAPP.COM, YouTube is one of the best sources of online learning due to the sheer amount of available content. “The platform gives you access to short – to the point – videos that illustrate various concepts and techniques,” she says. “It also generates online discussion with users able to post their comments under each video.”

Forever Beauty Face Yoga Makeup

Forever Beauty offers tips from face yoga experts, makeup artists and skin specialists to help you learn how to make the most of your appearance. The app features more than 250 informative step-by-step tutorials for different skin colors and face shapes, as well as occasions. Unlike most other beauty apps, Forever Beauty also offers handy tips to prevent facial aging. Better still, you can use the app to educate yourself about what beauty hacks work best for you by getting expert feedback on videos of your own face.

Perfect 365

No doubt referring to the number of days in a year, Perfect 365 is here to teach you how to look your best seven days a week. One of the best features of the app is the function that allows you to upload your photograph and use it to try out new looks virtually – this can teach you what makeup styles work for you. The app features 200 preset Hot Styles you can try or 20 beauty tools such as liners and lipsticks to help you personalize your appearance. Once a look is created, you can even upload it to social media such as Facebook and Instagram and share it with your friends (this can be great for learning tips). Some other features of Perfect 365 include daily beauty tips, new makeup styles and product recommendations.

Perfect Makeup 3D

With a similar concept to Perfect 365, Perfect Makeup 3D lets you hone your skills on animated 3D models. Just like an interactive game, the engaging app is great for trying various makeup combinations to educate yourself about what works and what does not. Use different brushes, eyeliners, powders and lipstick to achieve a whole variety of looks – from chic to classic. And if you excel at your art, you will receive rewards and see your models express their gratitude for your work; a perfect validation that you are well on your way to becoming an expert.