We’re well and truly working our way through 2019 and for some of us, our hair care is leaving a lot to be desired. Maybe you set a resolution to take better care of your hair but the split ends are swiftly piling up, or perhaps that afro hair transplant procedure you promised yourself hasn’t quite come to fruition just yet; whatever the case, there are a number of solutions you could follow to give your hair the treatment it deserves. Here are just a few.

Visit Your Salon Regularly

Busy lifestyles, budgeting and simply a ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude – these are all common causes for missed appointments at the hairdressers. As life gets busier and busier, you’d be forgiven for deciding to skip the trip to the hairdressers every six weeks but the simple fact is, a regular haircut can leave your hair looking and feeling healthier. By cutting away split ends and taming uneven growth, your hair can feel and appear lighter, smoother and softer overall and allow it to grow with improved strength.

Find A Hair Mask That Works For You

Every day, new hair masks are released onto the market claiming to a whole array of incredible things for our hair. While not every one of these products is going to be useful for your hair, there are enough out there to choose from in order to find one that works. Some offer moisturising properties, others are designed to repair damaged locks and others can help to reduce grease. By taking a look around to see what is available to you, you can try out a few that catch your eye until you find the best one for you.

Ask A Professional

Professionals are called professionals for a reason – they know their stuff. For this reason, if you’re struggling to work out what might be causing your hair to be damaged, dry or brittle, speaking to someone who has experienced in diagnosing this can help you find a solution much more quickly. In most cases, your hairdresser will know enough about your hair to determine what could help to improve its health, but you could also visit a dermatologist to get a more in-depth overview as to just what is causing an unhealthy scalp. You’ll likely have to pay for the privilege, but even just a consultation can provide you with invaluable information to put together a treatment plan.

Try A Natural Remedy

If the chemical-based products aren’t working for you, ditch them completely and reach for the natural alternatives. This can include anything from hair masks made with fruits and vegetables you have in your cupboards, to essential oils that stimulate the scalp and help to increase overall blood flow and encourage growth. If you’d rather stick with hair care products, the rise in demand for vegan and organic products has meant that natural treatments are available right there on the shop shelves.

Keeping your hair healthy in 2019 is often as simple as changing up your hair care routine until you find something that works for you. Listen to your scalp and the strands of your hair – has that new shampoo left them dry or overly greasy? Is your scalp dry and irritated, or nourished and healthy? Try out different routines and find what works for you – 2019 could be the year we get hair care under control.