Moving house is considered one of the most exciting, yet stressful events someone can go through. Aside from the emotional upheaval, depending on the distance you are traveling and how many items you own, it can be a chaotic time if you are unorganized and underprepared. Add to this, the fact that you then have a brand-new house to organize and sort to make your own, it is no surprise that many find the process daunting and seemingly impossible. However, by making some wise decisions and planning ahead, you can cover every base, so that come moving day, you feel relaxed, in control, and ready for the next chapter. Below are some handy tips to consider for making moving day as stress-free as possible.

Think practical

As well as the personal and emotional aspects of a house move that can be life-changing, there are practical considerations to make long before moving day. This includes making sure all the relevant parties are aware of your house move and change of address. The best thing to do is create a list of who will need to be informed; this will include getting your mail re-directed, informing your banks about the move, and updating your car insurance details, as well as the Department of Motor Vehicles. There are other considerations that must not be forgotten, such as any utility providers, financial companies, and periodicals.

Be ruthless

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your life. As you pack up each room, set a box aside for anything that is unused that you could resell, as well as a box for items to throw away. This will make sure that no valuable storage space in your new house is taken up by unwanted clutter – and will make for an easier move, as well.

Plan interior changes prior to moving in

Long before you move in, you should be thinking about the changes you want to make to the interior of your new home. You may need to completely gut it, or give a few rooms a spruce up. For instance, research suitable and cost-effective kitchen and bath remodeling companies before moving day, as these huge renovation projects can cause huge upheaval. The sooner you make the necessary interior alterations, the sooner the space will be truly your own.

Get others on board

The excitement of a house move will be made all the more palpable on moving day if you can rope in friends and family to help with the move. Not only will this make the day pass with fewer worries, but it can also make the move a more memorable event. The more hands on deck, the quicker the move will be completed, and you can then start to settle into your new pad with your nearest and dearest. You could even organize a take-out and a few drinks in your new house for when the move is complete – you won’t want to be searching through the unopened boxes for your cooking equipment, that’s for sure!