Being fit and working on your weight is important to maintain a healthy body. When you put on more weight than your body can bear, this puts a huge amount of pressure on the joints, mainly knees and the lower back. Becoming overweight also puts you at a higher risk of suffering from a number of dangerous diseases that can be avoided by being healthy. This is why we’ve made a list of the top ways to work on your weight.

1- Nutrition

If you want to change your weight, you can do so through changing your food habits alone, by balancing your food between vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. Also, switching snacks to healthy snacks is important between meals, especially between breakfast and lunch, as they keep your body burning calories. But make sure the snack is something healthy such as fruits. Fruits like watermelon, apples, or melons are among the best fruits that you can have as a snack. Watermelons and melons have a lot of water, and a wide range of vitamins as well, carotenoids is a plant chemical that turns into vitamin A in the body. Apples are full of fiber and can keep you full for long hours until lunchtime. Try to avoid fruits with a lot of sugar content as they counteract your efforts at maintaining your weight.


We all drink water, but maybe not enough. Drinking water is super important as it increases your body’s metabolism. Water will also keep you from getting hungry and will keep you away from getting snackish because it suppresses hunger. 15.5 cups a day for men and 11.5 cup a day for women is ideally how much water you should be drinking. There is a special calculation that is used to work out how much water you need to drink in a day to maintain a healthy body. It takes into account how much you weigh and other details, even your gender in order to determine what is the ideal requirement for you to stay healthy. .

3- Cut Down Sugar

Cutting down sugar or eliminating it all together makes a huge difference when it comes to how your body works. Let’s walk you through what happens when you eat sugar. Unlike natural sugars, refined sugars overworks your body, your body goes into overdrive trying to metabolize it, and the remaining gets stored as fats. On the contrary, when you consume natural sugar such as the one in fruits your body starts metabolizing it slowly, which makes the chance of storing fats less likely, because the body takes its time metabolizing it.

4- Consuming less Fat

Fat is essential to your body so it can better perform its bio functions. But consuming too much of anything can do the opposite of its initial purpose. There are also good fats and bad fats. For instance, good fats are the fats existing in avocados and bad fats are the one existing in processed junk food. Some fats should be used sparingly such as whole milk and fatty beef cuts.

5- Weight Loss Supplements

Some supplements could aid in your weight loss efforts. Some pills can work on suppressing your appetite, such as pills that contain caffeine. Some pills help with burning fats and reduce the amount of water your body is holding and flush it out. There are also energy boosters that are handy for those looking at improving their fitness, as they both give you the energy you need when exercising in the gym. These supplements increase resting energy expenditure, which means you will be burning more calories when you aren’t exercising. Additionally, some diet pills prevent more fats from building up, which aids your body in burning the excess fat already present.

6- Exercising

Exercising accounts for the other 20% of a fitness package, if you are looking to make a calorie deficit in your overall diet plan. There are different types of exercises that you can do, each exercise burns a certain amount of calories depending on your needs. For example, core exercises work on burning fats that are concentrated in the belly. Also, cycling is a great way to work each muscle in your body. Cycling at a moderate speed will burn around 298 calories, and at a faster speed will burn 372 calories in 30 minutes. Additionally, exercising helps the body build muscles, and muscles increase the metabolic rate of your body. Muscles also replace the fat in your body and as a result decrease the size of the fat cells.

Working on your weight is necessary for a long healthy life. Keeping your fitness in check is important because it helps you get on with your daily activities with less pressure on your joints. It also keeps your body healthy as you grow older, and prevents you from getting Type 2 diabetes among other diseases that are related to poor fitness.