Our interview with Award winning talented actress Tracey Birdsall who returns to the big screen in 2018 with “The Time War” and “Who’s Jenna?”

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You’ve had quite the versatile career, Tracey. Has acting always been the main crust?

Yes indeed.

Do you think it makes sense to specialize in one area but also be skilled in other areas?

Different genres require different skills, so yes we have our strengths and then we have our skills that we are competent at. One of our jobs is to constantly work on our skills to make them our strengths. We must also have what we are “known for” – what we can do better than anyone else – our branding.

Tell us about some of the other jobs you’ve had in the industry?

From television to film, from soaps to comedy, I’ve really run the gamut. I enjoy the diversity within the industry. Just this past couple of years, I’ve done lead roles in comedy (Who’s Jenna…?), Action/Sci-Fi (Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter), and Time Travel (The Time War). It’s an amazing journey with each challenge being excruciatingly different from the last. It’s a challenge – this life – an amazing challenge.

What was your first film?

Well, I would actually have to look it up! My first lead film role was as Allie Parker in I Might Even Love You in the late 90’s.

And how do you think you’ve improved as an actress since then?

I actually (to be honest), wince when I look at what I used to “think it took.” My preparation and dedication is a thousand-fold from the early days. It takes a realization of what’s required before we truly give it our all. I’m no different. I upped my game over the years until I realized it was to take everything I had to give a remarkable performance. I wish they had taught me that when I was a youngster.

If you were to recommend only one of your movies to someone, which would be it be? In which film, do you think you give your best performance?

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter was definitely my best so far, but it’s also been my best opportunity. We have to be challenged in order to grow, and Rogue Warrior definitely challenged all of my strengths and all of my weaknesses. The director (Neil Johnson) was brutal on that shoot – pushing me to the utmost of extremes, which made for a great performance. I gave it everything I had, and then I did “The Time War” (which isn’t released yet) – which pushed me to a whole new level…

Is the character anything like you? Why do you think Neil Johnson wanted you for the part?

Sienna (in Rogue Warrior) is much stronger and much more vulnerable than I am. I learned a lot about myself and my boundaries preparing for living her life. I questioned nothing, as my human boundaries wouldn’t have had either extreme. I was willing to completely immerse myself, and I had the physical strength to be her. Both my abilities and my willingness got me that part.

Where’d you shoot it?

We shot Rogue Warrior in a multitude of locations including California (Salton Sea, Death Valley, Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains), Yuma, Arizona, and various locations in Australia.

And it looks like you got to do some fun things on that movie. Can you tell us about them?

Shooting the film was both rigorous and amazing. I never questioned anything, and the reward was in the finished project. Everything about the filming process was extreme and physically brutal (oftentimes emotionally), and everything about it was worth every moment.

Are action roles your favorite?

I would have to admit that getting a workout while shooting a film is definitely my favorite! I love the physicality of a great action shoot, and the challenge both emotionally and physically. Yes.

In 2018, you have a comedy coming out right?

I do! Who’s Jenna…?, a comedy with an amazing cast and crew, is due out very very soon! I’m actually expecting release info any day now!

And a TV series is in the works based on Rogue Warrior?

Rogue Warrior is definitely in the works for an upcoming TV series.

Is TV where it’s at these days?

I believe so. It used to be that to delve into a deep character, you had to be in a long running film project, but these days, television is like extended film – and the quality is right up there. I’m super excited for the transition.

Is there an actor you’d love to get onboard the franchise? Maybe for the TV spin-off?

Daniel Day Lewis any day, but I do believe he’s making shoes at the moment… That said, nothing would make me happier.

What do your kids make of you being an ‘action hero’?

My kids are not impressed! Supportive for sure, but definitely wish I had a lower profile.