Everything You Need to Know About Transforming Your Home into a Smart Home

Smart homes are the future. Until recently, not many people considered upgrading to smart home appliances for obvious reasons. The devices available weren’t that good and there was no clear upgrade path that guaranteed a brighter, smarter future.

Today, however, the smart home market is ablaze with new hubs, smarter appliances, and design-conscious gadgets for every home. This means you can transform your own property into a smart home without sacrificing interior design or functionality. In fact, you’ll get so much more with the gadgets available today. Here are all the things you need to know to get started.

Stick with a System

The most difficult part of the transformation is choosing the system you want to use. The system you choose to use today will dictate your upgrade path and the kind of appliances you can – and should – add to your home. At the moment, there are three main systems to choose from.

Google has its Google Home ready for the spotlight. The actual Google Home device is very pretty and will look good in any spot in your house. It is also very affordable at just a little over £80. To make it even better, you can install smaller Google hubs around the house for wider coverage.

Google’s system appears to be the safest bet at the moment. It works with brands such as Nest, Wemo, Philips, and even services like IFTTT out of the box. You also have the option to program commands and install custom devices as you see fit.

Aside from Google Home, you also have Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit. Apple’s line of gadgets for smart homes are not fully available, but expect to see these new devices in your favorite Apple stores in the coming weeks.

Needs First

When buying and installing new smart appliances, it is easy to get carried away with all the gorgeous gadgets available to you. Smart speakers, smart TVs, smart coffee machines, and a wide range of other appliances are yours to choose from; quite frankly, they are all very tempting, especially if you’re a big gadget enthusiast like me.

To stop the transformation from getting out of hand, always start with the appliances you need first. A smart thermostat from Nest, a set of smart locks and a home monitoring system, and of course a smart entertainment centre for the living room are great gadgets to pick up at the beginning.


Don’t just get the basic smart appliances for the functionalities they offer. There are supporting gear, appliances, furniture, and other items that can make your smart home even better. My personal favorites are the Sunerzha Design Radiators from Warmrooms.co.uk. They are trendy and compliment my modern home office really well.
Similar upgrades are available for every room in the house. You can even find gadgets designed to turn your old appliances into smart, connected devices. All you have to do is take your time to review the best items that compliment your smart home system and start adding them as you transform your home into the smart home of the future.