Travel trends are moving away from city breaks and luxurious resorts, with many travellers now seeking a more adventurous getaway. Nature enthusiasts are looking for ways to reconnect with our beautiful environment, and there are places all over the world that are more than willing to facilitate them. Whether it’s scuba diving with marine wildlife or experiencing rainforests from within the canopy, here are some of the best places to visit to get back to nature on your vacation.


The Riviera Maya on Mexico’s eastern coast boasts everything from untouched rainforest to sandy beaches, ancient ruins and uninhabited islands. Much of the area around Tulum is designated for ecological tourism, and anyone looking to experience this amazing landscape is spoilt for choice with options including zip-lining through the jungle, snorkelling in cenotes and underground rivers, and exploring private islands on a super yacht charter, for instance. If you pick your seasons carefully, and get up early, you might even catch the hatching of the sea turtles as they make their way to the ocean.

The Alps

A favourite for skiers, there are many ways to see the mountains if dodging people on the slopes is not your thing. Any of the little villages dotted through the mountains will give you instant access to hiking trails that wind through the juxtaposition of lush valleys and rocky peaks, but for the best view of this spectacular scenery, head for Zermatt in Switzerland. Nestled in the shadow of the Matterhorn, the highest summit in the Alps, the village is home to the Matterhorn Cable Car which will take you on a breath-taking ride up the mountain. The scenery changes completely with the seasons, so this is a journey worth taking again at different times of the year. Whether the mountains are covered in snow or spring flowers, the experience of flying above them is simply unmissable.


A picture-perfect representation of paradise, Greece is the combination of various ecosystems that range from their mainland to its 30 different sized islands. Ranging from landscapes like Viko Gorge, and Mount Olympus, to their amazing shores and islands with beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, like Elafonisi and Platys Gialos. They are all wrapped in white sandy beaches and give you fantastic opportunities to get close to the coastal flora and marine wildlife of the islands. The likes of Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes where you can combine relaxation and fun. The best way to get around is by boat but if you do not own one, yacht charter Greece will allow you to venture into deeper waters and experience the open ocean and the beautiful view that surround Hellas.


What better way to feel at one with nature than on a safari through the African plains? There are many ways to do it ranging from staying at a luxury lodge to camping under the stars. Some hotels offer unique experiences like having breakfast with their on-site giraffes. While animal sightings are never guaranteed, there is no better way to experience the breath-taking scenery of a country which is still a mystery to many first world travellers. Just seeing the stars unobscured by light pollution will be enough to take your breath away.


Another country full of less-explored trails. With most of its population gathered in the major cities, there is so much wilderness in Australia to explore. Bush safaris that take visitors into the outback are big favourites amongst people who want to send more time in nature. Australia is also home to many reserves and sanctuaries that look after its unique wildlife. What could make you feel closer to nature than spending a couple of hours cuddling and feeding koalas? Head out to the coast and the waters are great for snorkelling, surfing or just relaxing by. Steer clear of the popular beaches if you want a bit of peace and quiet; there are always little coves and inlets to be found off the beaten track.
It’s well proven that spending time in nature boosts not only our physical wellbeing but also our mental health. Nature enthusiasts have always known this, and their love of the outdoors opens many new doors when it comes to travelling. There are so many wonderful places to explore that are too far off the beaten track for most tourists, but they are well worth a visit. Those who love spending time closer to nature have a unique connection with the world that will be enhanced by travelling to some of the beautiful places mentioned above.