When it comes to traveling around Europe, there is a lot to see. From the history of Berlin to the culture of Rome and the food in Italy. However, how you chose to travel will impact what you see, where you stay, and the kind of experience you can expect. There are a few different options, so whatever your plans, lifestyle or budget, there is a way for you to travel around Europe, seeing everything it has to offer.

However you choose to travel, make sure you take a look at Mr Hudson Explores before you go. Use the guides to help you decide what to see and do while you are away to really make the most of your trip.


Flying is probably the easiest way to go from country to country. In the past, people have been put off flying as they worried about the cost and about missing smaller countries and cities. However, budget airlines now fly all over the world and air travel to smaller destinations is much more common.


Rail travel is perhaps the best way to visit Europe. European rail tickets can be bought relatively cheaply and are incredibly flexible. In many cases, you are free to go when and where you want.

Rail is a brilliant way to travel to both larger cities and smaller villages while meeting new people and fully immersing yourself in the backpacker’s lifestyle. It’s quick, cheap, comfortable, and you get to watch the scenery go by.


Buses and coaches are popular options with flexible tickets and a huge range of destinations. Buses go all over Europe and are often an incredibly cheap way to travel. However, some people are put off by a lack of comfort, unpredictability, and slow travel times.


Getting cruises around Europe is very much the posh way to do it. But, it does have a certain romance. Cruising is the way to go if you want luxury travel and don’t mind being limited to where you can go and how much time you get to spend there.

Road Trip

Driving around Europe is an excellent option if you want to take your time and have total flexibility. The downsides of driving are that it can be lonely and you’ll need to find accommodation everywhere unless you want to spend long periods of time sleeping in your car or you’re taking a camper.

A Combination

A combination of a few of these is perhaps the best option. This way you can see it all, in your own time, and with the comfort you need. You may choose to purchase a European rail pass but then hike or get a bus to smaller villages. You could even take a pushbike for some smaller journeys. With so many ways to travel, you are sure to find a combination that suits both your needs and your budget.