Believe it or not, since the 1920’s, T-shirts were considered to be underwear. They became trendy to wear as the t-shirts we know today later in the 1950’s. Nowadays T-shirts are liked by everyone; they are worn for different reasons such as promotional, group representation or delivering a message to the world. Over time, T-shirts have created their own fashion statements every year; they are designed differently while manifesting various significant notions of cultural, political, artistic or musical forms that society is experiencing through that year.

We gathered the best t-shirt trends found in 2019 for you. Whether you dress fashionably or you are investing in wholesale t-shirt printing business; knowing what T-shirt material to use along with the new printing technology that will best fit your design, is what will make your business unique and profitable. The secret to any successful business is preparation and consistent improvement.

Here are the top 6 trendy T-shirts design ideas for 2019:

Bright colors are the new black

Black is the most sophisticated and classy color ever known. Thus, when it comes to T-shirts, black ones are the most classical; they are worn and loved by everyone from all ages. However, this year, new bright colors that are seen a lot more often and as much as black ones. Fashion brand shops-of various sex and age-are displaying new T-shirts colors such as golds, royal blues, greens, and dusty pinks. They are becoming so popular, that influencers and fashion-lovers are wearing them on social media more often to make their own statements.

Repeating text

Typography design is the most used and changed design on T-shirts. This year, repeating text on T-shirts is becoming super trendy. Repeated texts mean repeating a word or quote over and over as a design on the T-shirt. Owing to the fact that they help convey messages while looking cool and unique. This year’s repeated texts are related to purchasing concepts like “Less is More”, the well-being of people as “Run”, and more acceptance of others across the world as “More Love”.

Floral illustrations

Flowers can be implemented on T-shirts in so many ways, such as printing a real colored flower, black and white illustration or textured printing and so on. They were seen last year and still going strong this year. Yet, this year, designers have combined their floral illustrations along with some strong typographies and sayings. Which has resulted in creating symbolic, emotional and focused designs.

Retro typography

The 60’s and 70’s style never gets old or boring, their music still rocks, their artists still fascinate us, and their graphical elements are still in-style. Retro typography is coming in fiercely this year. With a cool funky retro font and a psychedelic color, your simple white or black T-shirt will be altered to another fashion dimension.

T-shirts are simple garments that all of us feel comfortable while wearing. But it’s never at the expense of not looking trendy every year. Besides trying to look fashionable, keeping yourself updated with T-shirts trends, materials and printing technologies can help you determine your T-shirt business design and concept.