Virtues and vices have been around since the beginning of mankind. The most common groupings of Christian virtues and vices are Chastity/Lust, Temperance/Gluttony, Charity/Greed, Diligence/Sloth, Patience/Wrath, Kindness/Envy, and Humility/Pride. The will to pursue virtue and to avoid vice is the original concept of almost every religion, oriental philosophies like Yin Yang, and modern political wings.

It’s hard to say if vices are more common today than they were before, because every generation and era is different than the other. It’s safe to say that the damage caused by vices is enormous, whether it’s the present or 1,000 years ago. The further a society spirals down towards injustice, poverty, and corruption, the more you’ll be able to witness the destructive effects of vices.

We’ll be presenting you a brief on how some vices are deeply corrupting societies and ruining many lives.

Children and Schools

The problem with social vices is that they are deep rooted, and they are planted into the deepest human subconscious because their effects are situated deep in childhood. The youth society or scene can be a cruel one; peer pressure, is among the biggest causes of involvement in social vices. The higher the curiosity of a human being, the more willing he/she will be willing to experience new things which usually snowballs into the involvement of risky vices. Smoking, drinking, abusing drugs, and unsafe sexual activity can quickly cause a dent in the youth’s quality of life, long-term and short-term damage.

Substance Abuse

Drug abuse is a vice that can cause the crumbling of many different healthy perspectives and turn them into unhealthy detestable ones. Many are under the impression that it’s the drug user who’s always at fault if they’re using drugs or alcohol, but the situation may be more complicated than that. Whether it’s meth, prescription meds, or alcohol, these drugs and the vices associated with them are capable of destroying not just the life of the user, but also the lives of those who are around them. It’s extremely important for the addict to find the courage within themselves to go to or allow themselves to enter the right rehab center that understands their ailments and provide them with the right atmosphere to heal. Even if the legality of the drug is not an issue, it shouldn’t be used as a form to escape the constant harrowing voices, because only then, it starts becoming a worse monster than your old fears.

There’s no shame in trying to daydream and imagining a world with no vices. The way society can be radically affected by the vices of a few people is terrifying, a domino or a chain reaction can make a lot of values that are taken for granted crumble into ugly shells of their former selves. It’s easy to go around blaming the individual impulses for all that’s wrong, but that wouldn’t be correct either. To understand a vice and why people do it, it needs to be traced back to its deepest causes in the human subconscious.