Jewelry is expensive. It’s highly valued. Talk about your engagement ring, watch, or even a wedding band. Jewelry costs a lot of money. That’s why you need to insure any piece of jewelry in your possession. But how do you determine the actual value of your jewelry? Well, it’s only through jewelry appraisal. Remember, your insurance company will want the value of your jewelry stated in writing before entering into a contract with you. Along these lines, here is all you need to know regarding the Baltimore jewelry appraisal.

Jewelry Appraisal

In simple terms, jewelry appraisal is the process of determining the exact value of your pieces of jewelry. This value is then put in writing for future references and any other use.

The Jewelry That Should Be Appraised

On average, you should appraise jewelry that is worth more than $1,500. This is because a good number of insurance deductibles are about $1,000. Also, if you have different items with unclear authenticity, identify the piece with a higher value. Appraise it. Then have its value documented as a written appraisal.

How It Works

A jewelry appraisal isn’t that hard. It takes a few minutes. Here is how it works:
Choose your preferred jewelry appraiser. Do your research online. Read online reviews. Ask family and friends for referrals. The bottom line should be to find a reliable jewelry appraiser. Go for an appraiser with a certified gem lab. It will give you a more accurate result.

Give your jewelry to your preferred appraiser and wait. Good jewelry appraisers will make everything transparent. They will appraise your jewelry as you wait.

Your appraiser will run tests, take measurements, and write descriptions. He/she will also take photos. Your appraiser will then prepare a detailed report.


Normally, your appraiser will charge you about 0.5 percent of the value of your jewelry. It’s also important to note that other appraisers may charge a flat rate. Besides the flat rate, you might also be charged an addition fee when it comes to larger diamonds, intricate pieces, as well as colored stones. So, be sure to ask your appraiser about the cost of carrying a complete jewelry appraisal.

Why Jewelry Appraisal

Normally, it’s not easy to ascertain the value of different pieces of jewelry. For instance, if you receive a gift from your lover, it’s important to know its value. That’s where a jewelry appraiser comes in. Also, before insuring your jewelry, your insurance company will want to know its value. So, you will need to have your jewelry appraised and everything documented down before entering into an insurance contract. So, if you value it, appraise it and then insure it.

The Bottom-Line

If you value it, then insure it. Remember, jewelry can be stolen, get lost, or damaged. But, how do you determine the exact value of your pieces of jewelry? It’s only through jewelry appraisal. The above information contains the basics regarding jewelry appraisal. Good luck!