If you’re in a situation where you need a lawyer, you’re probably either in trouble, have caused some trouble, or need help with your business. Lawyers have become an incredible asset to us as employers, employees, business owners, even the average Joe on the street and for good reason. Lawyers are called in to help us navigate the delicate, treacherous roads of the law because there is so much to know. If we didn’t have these people we would be stuck in the mud. But what are the roles and responsibilities of a lawyer?

Live By A Code Of Ethics

When you become a lawyer you take an oath at the beginning of your career that sets out a list of rules you have to abide by. These rules are set by the International Bar Association and the international principles on conduct for the legal profession apply to every lawyer practicing across the planet.

They provide lawyers with a framework in which they can carry out their duties in a professional manner consistent with the dignity and respect of the industry, not only that but for the clients that hire them. The professionals of Lichtenstein Law Group explain that it’s not only about adhering to the code set by the Bar but also a list of personal commitments to clients. Being committed to your client is just as important as being committed to the infrastructure.

Maintain Confidentiality

Every conversation you have with your lawyer will be kept confidential. This means they won’t be able to discuss anything that’s been said with anyone, including the police, without your permission. However, there are some smaller situations where a lawyer will have to talk to someone else and they include if a particular law states they have to in your situation, if the information you’ve given is going to prevent a serious crime, or the safety of you or someone else is in serious danger.

Avoid Conflict Of Interest

There are certain situations where a lawyer cannot work for you or represent you which is why it’s so important to be as honest as possible from the get-go. A lawyer can’t work for you if they’ve acted for the opposing party as they might have confidential and negative information that would harm your case. They can’t act for more than one person in a case and they can’t work for you if your own views and interests clash.

Any of these could be seen as a conflict of interest which could end up being a can of worms. If they discover a conflict it’s within their duty to tell you straight away.

Communication Is Key

As with any situation in life, without communication, it’s going to break down. This is more than important when dealing with a lawsuit, case or anything else that’s law dependent. A lawyer should be reachable at all times (within reason) and answer any questions you may have about your case. Not only this, but they should also give you regular updates and discuss any new information they might have discovered.

The key to a good relationship between client and lawyer is constant communication.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

No matter what the situation is your lawyer should always be honest with you. They will have your interests at the heart of the case and will do anything to ensure you get the best deal possible.

They should be able to explain the situation in detail and give you an understanding of everything that’s offered. In some cases, the best deal might not be amazing, but it’s their job to tell you in the best way possible.

If a lawyer starts acting outside of this and is dishonest with you then there’s no reason why you can’t put in a complaint to the law firm they work for. These situations are stressful enough as it is without having to deal with a lawyer that’s not on your side.

Cover A Variety Of Practise Areas

The television makes us believe that lawyers are in the courtroom every day slinging out papers to the jury and bringing up new information that’s never been seen before. Whilst this may be true of a small number of lawyers, many won’t see the inside of a courtroom for years. This isn’t because they aren’t good at their job, just that it’s not required.

Lawyers should cover multiple areas of law, making their job much easier and leaving their clients feeling like they’re in the hands of a true professional.

When it comes to being a lawyer, we can define it simply as: a person who practices or studies law. The definition is vague so understanding the different roles expected will help you throughout the situation you find yourself in. There are so many law firms out there it’s best to do your research before committing. Every law firm will meet with you first for a meeting so you can see how they are. You can tell a lot from the first meeting.