Check our interview with Bridal Industry Queen, Motivation/Inspirational Speaker, Designer, Celebrity Red Carpet Stylist, Beverly Hills Fashion Director and Fashion Show Producer the talented Briannah Jayde.

Who is Briannah Jayde?

I am The Bridal Queen of LA, Celebrity Fashion and Red Carpet Stylist to the Stars, and a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker to the masses. I produce runway shows all over the globe and represent haute Couture International Bridal Gown Designers. I provide services to fashion clients looking for retail placement as well as getting their items to the celebs.

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is my love to try and inject something the industry is missing. Most professionals go for either the bare minimum or don’t make above and beyond their standard. The “holes” and “gaps” in a memorable and unique experience are what drives me. I am a “filler” a “healer”, a complete “fixer”. As long as I see improvement needed in many areas of the businesses and people I consult for, I will never lack motivation. The most important thing that keeps me motivated though is my love for people and the struggles I have faced which have made me in turn hungry to spread love and energy never experienced unless you met an actual Unicorn.

Something about yourself you would like to change? why?

I think I would probably change the fact I was born mortal! I think my people need me forever and ever and generations to come. Other than that, I am pretty happy with who and what I am with no apologies. I feel if I were to dwell on things I desire to change which may or not be changeable, I would be less of an asset to the world. You can’t be help if you need it!

What sets you apart from all the other Fashion Directors?

What sets me apart is my honesty, drive, sass, and fearless approach to any and every dream a person could ever have. I make money no obstacle within means to achieve every essense of the vision my client has and I strive to get them the closest thing to the vision or execute it exactly as planned with a bit more. I offer a friend, a sister, a confidante, a professional, a motivator and a confident strong Diva when I present myself as the girl who’s taking their hand.

If you were a book, which book would you be and why?

I would be the 2003 novel that made it to the screen “The Devil Wears Prada”. There have been many Miranda Priestleys in my life, past and present, male and female, who tried to make me feel as if I’d never be successful nor a force without them. These individuals were sometimes just as nasty sometimes meaner and have tried many things to break my spirit and drive. But I have continued to be blessed to meet many individuals who have seen my heart and talent and helped me keep my head to the sky with their belief in me. I am now fearless.

What will surprise us about you?

That I am a former runway model and dancer/choregrapher who also knows how to do hair and makeup. I also design clothing and gowns and have a design label pending. I create opportunities for my models to further their careers in the fashion industry even down to building their books and teaching them to pose and walk. One of my clients says I’m kinda an Infinity threat!

Philosophy in life?

My philosophy is to live like you’re already living the life you want. Put yourself in that place and everything else will catch up because it has no choice when you are calculated and solid in your steps. Human beings are the most amazing, resilient, and magnificent creatures on this earth! We truly CAN do anything!

Which public figure would you want to meet (dead or alive) and why?

I would want to meet Jackie O and Michelle Obama. I want to know what drives them and how it feels to be such a fearless beacon of style and class with sass. I would want to hod their hand to absorb the energy that comes from a woman who fell into the responsibility of inspiring and influencing so many to be better versions of themselves. I’d also like to steal a couple of their ensembles for myself while I’m at it!

What advice can you give tothose who aspire to be a fashion director?

My advice is to first have an eclectic and diverse sense of style that trancends all but also keeping your knowledge of the chic, the classic, and the beautiful. You must always give someone what they never expected and everything they didn’t even know they wanted. You must possess the talent of discernment and empathy as you are living vicariously through each client. This business is not what about YOU like or want, but what is best for the client and makes them happy. You also need to have the confidence and integrity that allows clients to trust your judgement and suggestions so you can work sans a micro-manager.

What is a typical day for Briannah?

A typical day for me is waking up and checking my trend alerts, watching updates on style, and emailing looks and ideas to clients. I spend time on social media to always show a fashion post, an inspirational post, a little of my personal style, and professional editorial Bridal shoots. I drive to many of the style houses in LA pulling for clients and constantly train my models to perpare for the next fashion show I am producing. I prepare for interviews, podcasts, as well as meditate and tap into the energy necessary to do my seminars and give my clients the Briannah Jayde Experience; the “Unicorn” experience.

Fashion tips?

My major fashion tip is to mix two ironically opposite style genres together and top it off with a chic twist. For example: High-waisted wide-legged pant with a lacey lingerie-like corset, a leather blazer, and an oversized clutch, pointy-toe pump and over-sized sunglasses! Ta-Da…..Diva has entered the room! From the PlayBoy Bunnies to the Victoria Beckhams of the world, somebody will feel you!

What charitable foundation is closest to your heart and why?

Hands down the Cancer Society Of America and Edward Cancer Center Of Naperville Illinois! I am a lymphoma survivor and went through numerous surgeries including a brain surgery and even had a stroke during chemo. I woke up every morning and did my makeup, brushed my weave and sat up in that hospital bed looking to my recovery, not accepting my current state. I had lost everything from my job to my car due to my sickness but this organization got me to and from appointments and procedures in the snow to save my life without asking for a dime in return. They even made sure I had groceries and gifts during the holidays. They just wanted the same thing I wanted; my life back. I am FOREVER grateful for that.

What is the meaning of life to you?

feel that life is for you to have time to contribute to this world and leave a positive and never-ending legacy of love and hope. I feel we are al here to keep life going and progressing generation after generation. We MUST be an influencing force to greater and better things for all people. Whether rich, poor, republican, or democrat. The human race to come deserves a bright future.

What is your life goal?

My life goal is to be the person everyone wished they had or is missing from their lives, companies, or energy space. I want to be the gateway to any International designer looking for US representation and exposure. I just want to be a Fashion and Bridal Superhero to speak with a twist of a Fairy Godmother!

What’s next for you?

I am currently in development for my own TV show and I am organizing a convention for business professionals in the bridal industry, as well as Producing the runway for Asian Fashion Week. I will be premiering the Briannah Jayde Collection this year and I have opened my new Studio in LA! With new PR and Management, without “Say Yes To The Dress” endorsements, I will be known as the new “IT” Girl of Bridal and Evening! The Bridal Queen of LA!

If you were to meet Anna Wintour, what would you say to her?

I would first give her a huge hug for being my inspiration after all of these years and raising a virtual “daughter in fashion” without her even knowing it. I would then proceed to tell her “Anna, quit playing girl and give me that fashion editor job in Bridal Vogue! I’m you’re next star!” ?
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