Joey Galon has built a successful reputation for designing gowns for some of the most beautiful women in the world. His gowns have been seen on The Oscars red carpet, televised Miss USA Pageant, Mrs. Universe in Belarus, Russia, Miss Earth in Vienna, Austria & Miss Tourism in China and many others.

Galon appeared as a competing designer on “24 Hour Catwalk” (same producers as “Project Runway”) on the Lifetime Network, “Vegas Brides” on TLC Network, as a fashion expert and as model coach on the reality TV show, “Model Latina” on the NUVOtv Network. Galon is also a regular fashion expert on Fox 5 KVVU TV, More Access reporting fashion trends and “Red Carpet Hit & Misses” post awards shows.

Galon graduated with a B.A Degree in Fashion & Textile design from San Francisco State University and Business administration from San Diego state. With an impressive 20+ years resume of producing high profile fashion shows, working with super models and top couture design’s house’s such as Thierry Mugler, Oscar de La Renta, and Hubert de Givenchy, Galon also has contributed his creative eyes doing visual displays and planning for renown retailer as I. Magnin, Neiman Marcus and Emporio Armani.

Tell us about Joey Galon.

I am an artist passionate about fashion. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California into a rich, multi-cultural environment where my parents immersed me in social community activities promoting various causes and charities. Growing up in the city allowed me to expose my consciousness of artistry, culture and history all infused with a multitude of ethnic influences. As working business folks, I watched my parents dress up daily for their professions carefully putting thought into each outfit with the perfectly selected accessories and combinations each day. With the many charitable black tie events we attended, I was mesmerized by what people wore at special occasions. Because of the heavy community social activities my parents were involved with, my Mother shopped frequently for her outfits and/or had custom designed garments created for her. My sisters really didn’t care much on the shopping excursions with my Mom but for me, that was always the most exciting field trip I can always have. As a once super shy kid, I would sit on a chair in the corner and watch my Mom shop and she would often ask me for my sounding advice. I would go with her to Union Square and visit Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and my ultimate favorite retailer for which I eventually worked at as an adult was at I.Magnin….a quintessentially iconic fashion institution originally birthed in San Francisco.

Tell us about your fashion brand.

My brand is taking on new shapes. It originally started off as an haute couture specialty dress company, catering to the international & national pageant industry designing competition evening gowns and national costumes. My gowns are custom designed per client focusing more on stage savvy garments that will take well with theatrical stage lighting. Although, I’ve been hired to do gowns for red carpet events at the Academy Awards, various black tie events as well as costumes and wedding gowns.

What inspired the current collection?

My clients inspire me when I design. My motto has always been: “I believe every woman should be celebrated in a beautiful gown!” Each person I meet with their varying unique personalities inspire me to create something special for them. I even name my gown projects after each client as it makes it that much more special to that individual.

My current collection (soon to launch) is inspired by my Mom whom worked 36+ years in the corporate world as well as was very active in the social communities.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see my gown line expanding to the ready-to-wear market mass producing my designs with a much more wider range in price points and styles. I also see my ready-to-wear career/lifestyle line launched and thriving catering to women both nationally and internationally.

Which influential figure dead or alive can you relate with the most and why?

I’d say Giorgio Armani is one of many influential icons that have inspired me over the years. Artistry, the ability celebrate a woman’s body with style & fit as well as stage worthy design pieces are what Armani was known for. With my original theatre background influences, I tend to lean toward stage savvy designs which is how I relate to Armani in many ways.

How do you manage to be on top your game?

To be on top of my game is to be true to me. There are so many incredible fashion artisans in the world and for me its keeping my heart open as an artist when approaching design yet being aware of marketability aspects of my projects all at the same time. I think it takes a team beyond just myself to help promote my brand so my publicist, word-of-mouth and self-promotion all are great ingredients to keep my name fresh and out there in the world.

When you are not working on your fashion brand, where can we find you?

I live and work in the heart of the fashion district in downtown Los Angles. It is truly my perfect home! I am always immersed with so much culture and artistry so on my off days of design, you’ll find me at various eateries, museums as well as strolling through many boutiques and antique shops.

Advice for emerging fashion designers?

My best advice for emerging fashion designers is to never stop learning. Always keep an open mind and open space to learn, broaden your perspectives as well as be hungry to learn about you, your artistry and of course the industry. It’s that “hunger” that will propel you to reach new heights every time. In the end when you’ve reached your pinnacles of success, all that you’ve invested in you will ultimately be the best investment in your brand.

What is something about you that will surprise us?

I am an ordained minister, a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and a keynote speaker. I am also an event designer investing 25+ years in the art of the party by designing countless events. I’d say though no matter what I do as an overall artist as my profession, my foundation is my spirituality of which I implement in everything I do by connecting with people from a heart based level, having compassion and building a rapport of trust and leadership and utilizing those tools as my inspirations for design.

Where can we find the collection?

You can find my collection on all social media outlets @joeygalon or my website at www.JoeyGalon.com You can also find my works represented by my Publicist at NOW PR LA.

What’s next for Joey Galon?

I am working on the my official launch of “Ruth by Joey Galon” which as a ready-to-wear career & lifestyle brand. It will consist of separates that can take a woman from the day into the night. Regardless of obtaining my university degree in Fashion, my greatest teacher had always been my Mother so I am paying homage to my Mom by creating the “Ruth by Joey Galon” brand….soon to launch!