Technology has offered us so many innovations in the last few decades alone. Each day better machines are being made, faster computers, and more unimaginable feats. Computers only a few decades ago took up entire office floors, and today can fit in the palm of your hand. Technology has made our lives easier, however it’s easy to forget to use the power that it holds. In our phones alone is the entire wealth of human knowledge. Not using that knowledge is a huge mistake. Here are five ways that you can use that knowledge to make smarter decisions, today:

1. Reading Multiple Perspectives Before Making Opinions

Opinions today are made instantaneously. Judgements are cast in a split second without any further research or consideration, and that outrage can lead to misinformation being spread and divisions getting wider. To be a truly informed and responsible citizen, however, you need to do your research. Media is inherently biased. It is physically impossible for a reporter to truly eliminate all bias from their piece, as hard as they try. As such, it’s necessary to read multiple perspectives. Remember, no issue only has two sides. Humanity and social complexities are multi-faceted and should be treated as such. Reading multiple perspectives of an issue gives you the opportunity to begin an honest and open debate.

2. By Doing Your Research Before You Buy

Another aspect of doing research and reading up on multiple searches comes in handy when making purchases. This applies to every purchase you make, but is especially important when choosing a large investment item like a car. You want to have your budget prepared in advance, and you need to find a car that suits it and your needs. If you want to buy a used car, for instance, you will want to visit Nissan Edinburgh. Doing your research beforehand narrows down your options, and ensures that you don’t get drawn in by bells and whistles that you don’t need.

3. Using Price Comparisons

Another way you can shop online better with technology is to use price comparisons. You can do this manually if, say, you see an item in store, or you can use apps or other websites to automatically compare prices. This works for everything, from cooking utensils to flights.

4. By Keeping Track of Expenses

Technology is useful when you want to make smarter decisions about purchases, but it can also be used to help you track your expenses and keep to your saving goals. Use a specially designed app or a simple spreadsheet to keep track of what you spend.

Technology is there for us. Not using it to make the best decisions is a huge mistake. You can use it to make more informed opinions, you can use it to make better purchases, save money, and monitor and keep track of all your goals. There are so many ways to use technology, and yet some of the simplest can often be overlooked.