The world has changed massively from how it was some twenty years ago. It is virtually unrecognizable. Everything that we do relies upon technology, and there is very little that technology cannot perform. Some twenty years ago, mobile health apps would have seemed like the futuristic daydream of a dystopian cyberpunk novel. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best innovations that we have seen, and have many benefits. Health applications can be used for a wide range of reasons, from checking your health following surgery to losing weight, to maintaining your fitness.

This page will hope to tell you a few of the most essential features every mobile health application should have. For those that do not know, a mobile health application is an application developed in order to aid a person with staying healthy and maintaining fitness. It will read various bodily vitals, as well as telling you things you must do to lose weight (or gain weight). These applications are a common feature on phones throughout the world, and the likelihood is that you have one (or have had one).

Here are some useful features every mobile health application should have.

Application Development

Before moving onto the main body of this article, it is first essential that we discuss how one can develop their own application should that be the reason they have decided to visit this page. The development and creation of applications can be very difficult and is a field that, for many, can be quite complicated and confusing. The tech specialists from explain that a healthcare application must be versatile, as it will have a wide range of users who will all have different reasons for using the application. This versatility for a beginning programmer can be very difficult, which is why it is very important for you to, rather than going at it alone, hire a professional application developer to aid you and assist you and to help you create a professional and good quality application.


The features of a health app will determine how many users you draw in. If your application is lacking some features, you may not get much interest, and you may find that your application dwells largely unknown and stays quite unpopular. It is important you implement as many features as possible into your application.

Heart Rate Monitor

One of the main reasons that many people download and use healthcare applications is for heart rate monitors. Your heart rate fluctuates throughout the day, and many people, healthy and unhealthy, use these applications to gauge their heart rate and to get a picture of what is normal for them. They also use it to see how elevated their heart rate is post-exercise – and to see what their heart rate is when they first wake up in the morning. A heart rate monitor is a must-have for all healthcare applications – should you want to get a wider audience.

Steps Per Day

The second most popular reason for people to use a healthcare application is for steps per day monitor. Steps per day monitors are arguably the best feature of healthcare applications and allow you to determine how much you have walked, or how far you have gone. This is good to determine how in shape you are and to work an exercise plan around how much you walk. It has been suggested that going for walks is sufficient enough exercise for most people, so by checking how far you walk, you can determine how much exercise you have had.

Oxygen Saturation

Oxygen saturation is the level of oxygen that you have in your bloodstream at any one time. Anything above 95% is healthy and normal. Most people fluctuate between 95% and 100%. Oxygen saturation is absolutely essential for any healthcare application and is a feature that must be included. Some standalone devices are in production. In due time, they can determine how much oxygen there is in your bloodstream


A healthcare application should track your meals and help you to make better decisions with regard to your diet. Most people, unfortunately, have terrible diets. Improving your diet is essential should you want to lead a long and healthy life, and should you want to bridge the gap between an ordinary life expectancy, and one that is extraordinary. Your diet should be regulated and carefully monitored. A good healthcare application will have a daily nutritional intake reminder and recommendations for how to improve your diet. Include it as part of your application to get the most users you can.

Now, with the help of this page, you know all of the essential features to include in a healthcare application. A good healthcare application will never be without the features listed on this page. Now you know how to develop your application, and what to start with. Good luck.