Valenzia Algarin hails from the city of Peabody, a small town outside of Boston MA. Her father, Carlos Algarin, is of Puerto Rican descent and her mother, Mercedes Algarin, is of Dominican descent. Valenzia’s love of acting blossomed into a career that began on stage and transitioned into the film industry.

Some of her stage credits include: One-woman shows, The Piano Lesson, Laundry & Bourbon, Biloxi Blues, & a Hat Full of Rain. A few Television credits include: True Blood, Black Jesus, SouthLand, Cold Case, Love That Girl, & Mind of Mencia.

Valenzia is an advocate for children where she started her own foundation called “It All Starts With A Dream”. Through this organization, she visits & speaks at schools to mentor the youth by inspiring them to dream, believe & reach goals.

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Please tell us a little about you?

What you see is what you get. I move at my own pace and enjoy every minute of it… I love life & love learning about new & interesting things! I live my life as positive as possible and only keep that same energy around me. I enjoy spreading my light to help others while I continue on my journey. You tell me I cant and I will never try to prove you wrong, but I will prove to myself that I can!

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Passionate, Motivating, Real

How did you get involved in acting?

My first passion was actually to become a track star! My father trained me to be the next Jackie Joyner Kersee & my focus was to get into the Olympics! I actually broke my high school record for the triple jump, but when I landed I injured both knees. I believe everything happens for a reason because this lead me back to my passion for the arts.

I grew up as a theatre kid performing in my schools, at parties and events, performing at foundations, doing both scripted & improv… I continued training and learning different techniques with local acting coaches. While in college, I also studied fashion & joined The Actors Workshop in Boston MA, where I did many more productions & began deepening my technique. After that is when I really started the journey in my career! I began networking both in Boston and New York, hosting for local cable shows & on red carpets, doing independent films, my one woman shows, interning for film festivals & doing extra work. After working and learning as much as I could, I made the move to LA. Here is where I met my Management, broke into Commercials first, began learning the business and started building an incredible team, which took some time. The rest is history!

Anyone in your family is in the entertainment business?

Im actually the only one currently in the entertainment business that I know of! I have a pretty Big family, so who knows I might find a cousin one day on set somewhere lol… But my father was actually in a band when he was growing up in Puerto Rico, and he talked about working on sets and shooting a few films! So I guess I must of gotten the entertainment bug from him!

Tell us about your role in “Adult Swim’s Black Jesus”? And how did you cast for it?

Detective Dianne reminds me a lot of my mom! She is loving, hardworking & passionate about everything she does but she doesn’t take crap from anyone! Lol She is a leader & knows exactly what she wants out of life. She marches to the beat of her own drum and makes it clear that its her way or the highway, but she does have a soft spot, & that’s Jason her man! He is her weakness & she sees the man she knows he can be if he just made the effort and stops hanging out with that crazy ass homeless man who calls himself Jesus! Yep Dianne is an Athiest & Black Jesus makes her CRAZY!! lol
I was actually cast in the Pilot! I knew the minute I met everyone in the audition room that I was going to be part of the Black Jesus Family… I auditioned with Slink Johnson who plays Black Jesus & Antwon Tanner who plays Jason, the connection was incredible!… I was later told that when I walked out of the room everyone said “We Found Our Dianne”… I was one of the first that was cast for the show!

Tell us what we can expect on season 2?

Sooooo much funny!! The writers really had fun with all our characters for season 2 because they knew us so much better this time around and we also knew our characters so much better! So you could say we all let Crazy Loose!! Lol Plus the improv on set was insane… you never know whats going to happen when we come to work, but trust its always Magic!

Tell us what we can expect in the finale of season 2?

Juiciness!! Love! Laughter! And the Results between Jason & Dianne! Everything will keep you wanting more Black Jesus!

You have been on very popular projects like True Blood, NCISLA, Cold Case, SouthLand. Please tell us about it and which show you loved to be in the most?

I loved being on all the shows because they are all so different and they each taught me so much! Its been a great blessing because I have been able to work with people I’ve looked up to who I’ve also watched when I was growing up! Working with Regina King was a dream come true, love her & her work, And LL Cool J, I mean come on, who didn’t Love him?!!

Which has been your favorite character that you have performed? And why?

I have to say Detective Dianne because I’ve lived the longest with her since she is my first series regular! Plus I enjoy being a bad ass who gets to tell people off whenever she feels like it… lol

How do you prepare for the role? 

To be honest Ive mixed a few different women that have come into my life including my mother to create this feisty passionate driven independent latina detective. And there is a lot of me in her except I can actually hold my tongue… lol Plus I have a great cast who give me A lot to work with!

What is your dream role? 

Ive always wanted to play Lena Horne! And I have to say being in an incredible movie that’s life changing to everyone like Star Wars would def be a dream role. Im all about Action… Hey JJ Abrams, Im ready when you are!!!

Who is your favorite actress/actor?

That’s always a hard one for me to answer because there are so many Actors & Actresses who have impacted my life! But to mention a few, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Lucille Ball, AL Pacino, Robert Deniro, Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier… I could go on forever!

Best advice ever given?

Ive been given a lot of advice, but the best one that really sunk in and was so simple was, “Once you know it’s the Land of Make Believe, you will be alright”…

Best advice you would give to an aspiring actor?

Stay true to yourself and Don’t seek validation because you are enough. Keep experiencing life and know that everything and anything is possible! Don’t ever get to a point where you ask yourself “What If”… Go towards your fears! Dream Big, Then Dream Bigger because you Deserve it!

Do you support any charity?

I love doing charity and always support whatever & whoever I can! I especially have a passion for supporting charities that involve the youth. I actually started my own Charity called “It All Starts With a Dream”. Its a platform I created to help empower the youth around the world so that they realize their dreams, goals & importance in life! My biggest goal with my foundation is to be able to give out Scholarships… Id like to be a part of that positive change how ever I can by giving people the tools to help them grow. I’m also currently writing a book that focuses on “moving through your Storm”.. We all have obstacles as we set out on our journey, but life is not meant to be smooth sailing. The storms we encounter strengthen us, teach us lessons & helps us move forward… When I speak at schools or events, I like to always say “after every storm there’s a rainbow, and at the end of that rainbow is a pot of gold”… So keep going until you reach your pot of gold! When you feel like you want to give up, that’s when you’re close and that’s when you should push harder! Dream Big, then Dream Bigger! You deserve it

How is a normal day in your life?

Auditioning, Working out, taking classes, meetings, press, red carpet, events, studio, getting together with my writing group & friends, walking my dog, sleeping, cooking, meditating, going to set, going on a date or two…

What’s next in Valenzia Algarin career?

Whatever God & the Universe has for me!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My vision is to build a Legacy, for me, my family, friends & for all those who can grow from it to form their own legacies! I see myself still Acting, doing animation & becoming that leading lady everyone connects with… Playing Lena Horne is definitely one of my dream roles!

Directing, Producing, having a line of different products that include Fashion, Perfumes & Beverages.. Writing books, having my Foundation “It All Starts With A Dream” get to a point where it gives Scholarships around the world is everything I look forward to! There’s just so much I envision. As a whole I’m ready to be a part of that positive change how ever I can by giving people the tools to help them grow as I continue growing…

What music we can find in your iPod?

A huge variety! I have everything from Hip Hop to Country! But Im a definite romantic, so R&B & Smooth Jazz is my soul… I Loooove me some Luther!

Any loves other than acting?

Im obsessed with science & the universe and how it works & connects with us!

What hidden talents do you have?

Im a really good bowler lol… and I can also cook mostly anything from scratch!

What do you think of Social Media?

It has changed our lives forever!!! For bad and for good… Its an incredible addiction that has given the world a voice, made people millions, but it has also stopped people from having deep conversations. I enjoy it because it keeps me connected with family, friends and fans, but we have to learn to balance our lives on the outside with the social media life!

Where we can follow you?

You can connect with me through Twitter: @valgarin, Instagram: @Valgarin7, Facebook: Valenzia Algarin & Periscope: @Valgarin

Quote: You are the remote control of your life. If you don’t like whats happening, just change the channel!

Movie: Selena, Gia, Star Wars

Travel Destination: Australia, Costa Rica, Paris

Food: Anything with Cheese

Drink: Cranberry with Soda Water and a Splash of Lime… And Champagne!

Sports Team: NFL: Patriots Baby!!! College Football: TCU

Tv Show: Golden Girls

Book: The Alchemist, The Power, The Secret

Celebrity crush: Is it weird that I don’t really have one!!?? Eeeeekkkkkk…