Following the women’s Skinny Bikini 2014 Jet Set Glamour Collection was men’s swimwear by Vanwolff. After the lovely ladies showed off their gorgeous bodies in swimsuits, perfectly sculpted male models strutted down the runway in speedos. On Tuesday, March 11th, the Vanwolff collection showcased various differentiations of men’s swimwear.


The Vanwolff line included many bright colors including red, purple, orange, and yellow. The colors chosen for this line gave off very strong European vibes. Each speedo also had strings attached at the waistline to tie in the front for a more stylish look. Each male model accompanied these sporty speedos with nothing other than their washboard abs. Style Fashion Week L.A. didn’t forget about menswear for this summer. If speedos fit your style, Vanwolff has your swim gear covered.



By Sara Ehlers