Your orthodontist should be one of the people you see more often in a year. A lot of people do not give this a priority until toothaches or other problems arise. It is often easy to take our teeth for granted given you brush twice a day and floss your teeth. Sadly, this is nowhere near enough. An occasional trip to your Ortho will ensure that all underlying issues will be taken care of and that things naked to the eye can be seen and addressed. If you haven’t seen yours in a while, you should check these visible signs that tell you to book a schedule to see the orthodontist.

Any Pain

You don’t need to see the actual problem if you are experiencing pain in your mouth or jaw area. This is considered one of the emergencies that drive people to their Orthodontists. Pain is an indication of a more severe problem and could escalate if not given medical attention right away. It is even more so an emergency if you have already observed bleeding or a formation of pus. This could start in small pains first and could go away with just painkillers, but they can persist and gradually increase in sensation.

Bad Breath

Bad breath has symptoms that can be seen, although it can primarily be detected because of a foul smell. It is something that can greatly affect the confidence of a person when they speak. One of the most important signs that you can see is a white coating on the tongue which can be caused by bacteria and fungi. Brushing this can help with the smell, but treatment is needed for this problem not to occur again. Another problem is dry mouth, which usually occurs when one is sleeping and is aggravated by an open mouth. Alcohol and tobacco also leave a residue to the mouth and teeth that can add to the problem. When you see infections or wounds which you think are contributory to the foul smell from your mouth, it is time to consult the orthodontist to get the treatment you need as not to worsen the problem and get your confidence back.

Crowded Teeth

This is especially true as someone is going older with the growth of permanent teeth and the so-called wisdom teeth. It can cause other problems related to chewing, speaking, and gum disease. Crowded teeth can lead to the removal of some teeth, especially displaced ones because they can decay earlier than other teeth, especially when it is difficult to reach them when brushing and cleaning. It could also be difficult to remove food particles trapped between them since they are closely knitted together.


Gaps in between teeth, especially large ones, can expose the gums to a lot of problems including inflammation and infection. The gums could be exposed while chewing and can get wounded with hard and sharp food bites. It’s also not aesthetically pleasing, especially when a person smiles. Although having a gap tooth is fashionable in some cultures, it is considered to be unpleasant in others. Several methods can be done to close the gaps which can improve jaw alignment as well. For gaps caused by a missing tooth, a replacement can be used in forms of bridges or false teeth.

Bite Problems

There are several bite problems. One kind is the overbite or an underbite which is when there is an overlap in the top teeth onto the lower, or an overlap of the lower teeth onto the top. This is very obvious most of the time due to the misalignment of the jaws or teeth. An open bite is when both the lower and upper teeth do not touch, which makes it difficult to eat and chew food. In severe cases, the speech and voice are also affected since it could be difficult to produce the right sound inside of the mouth. Seeing the problem in its early stages can help with the treatment better since this is a common problem and looking for a professional is relatively easy. You would just need to look for a local Orthodontist in your area. For example, if you live in the state of Arizona, you could find some of the best ones in the state through an internet search or looking in a directory. To be more specific, you could find a Scottsdale Orthodontist if you live in this city and you would need immediate consultation. Treatment for these is done for the long term, so choose someone close for easy monitoring and appointment setting. After treatment, maintenance is also needed for the teeth to not go back to their previous position through the use of retainers.

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are normal with children who are outgrowing their baby teeth. In adults, it could be caused by accidents or underlying gum or tooth disease. If you see that your teeth are moving even without experiencing pain, it is better to have an Orthodontist look at it to avoid causing it to fall off, especially if they are already your permanent teeth.

Visible Plaques and Discoloration

Visible plaques and other discoloration of your teeth call for an immediate professional cleaning from your Orthodontist. It is not wise to do it on your own using whatever tools you have at home because you can damage or chip your teeth. There are also places in your mouth that you wouldn’t see without special equipment. Furthermore, you could hurt your gums if pressed wrongly and poked with a sharp object. An expert would also see if you already need filling or have other mouth problems that need addressing.

Being attentive to your teeth is worth it in the long run for you to have that picture-perfect smile. Visible problems could be threatening to your confidence and worse is that it can cause pain and more problems if not attended to right away. It is better to tackle the issues with professional help rather than to increase the damage and suffer further.