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The date and time was a secret until 48 hours before the event. I was there at 6:45 pm as requested; the temperature in Miami was 89 degrees and the humidity so extreme but it was worth it to wait in these conditions to see someone that has sold 40,000,000 albums, someone who has collaborated with one of the most important musicians in the world, Michael Jackson as well as Madonna, Jay Z, and Drake just to name a few.

After we passed the checkpoint and registration area, I suddenly found myself on a set ready to work with cameras, an awesome sound system, led screens as a background, roof lights and a production staff. Behind us, like an oasis, a full bar. I immediately ordered a tequila on the rocks with a slice of lime just to refresh myself and relax to enjoy the show. We were about fifty people: producers, writers, reporters, and some fans who won a contest but all of us with something in common: the admiration for this Real and Simple Rockstar.


A few minutes later there was a big pause in the ambiance and suddenly there was music, stars arriving to the set, a female base player and a drummer, the guitar, the chorus girls, keyboards, and last but not least, wearing a simple black jacket and same colored tank top, leather pants, suede boots and sunglasses, making everybody scream at what was a memorably exciting moment, Ladies and Gentleman….Lenny Kravitz!

The performance started after the words “check one, check two” with the song “Strut”, the first single and name of his most recent album released on September 23, 2014. The volume got too high and the vibration in my body was inevitable. It was so different from a massive concert or a TV show, a very unique experience being so close to the band. What followed were another four songs, (with refreshment breaks in between of course): “Dirty White Boots”, “The Chamber”, “Always On”, “Let Love Rule” and he finished the performance with probably the biggest hit “Are You Gonna Go My Way” from 1993.


The connection between you and the artist is almost magic, no matter who is around you. There could be thousands of people and it’s as if they are all frozen and it’s just you and him, face to face, and this is an effect that only an artist of the caliber of Lenny Kravitz can create. Singer, song writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, the pure scent of talent, every note, every word, every song so perfect and harmonic with such high energy.


It’s hard to understand how he could be so human considering his music career and his short but growing career in the movie industry with roles in “Precious”, “The Hunger Games” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. It’s incredible how down to earth he is, an example being that he spends a lot of creative time in his trailer/studio at the beach in the Bahamas.


After the concert I was able to meet Lenny Kravitz, talk to him for a few minutes and take a picture with him as a great memorie to finish off my experience with definitely a Simple and Real Rockstar…Lenny Kravitz.

By: Menny Sanchez

Photos by: WMSoundCheck



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