It’s no secret that the thing your body needs most is water. It’s also no secret that the average person doesn’t drink enough of it. A person is not generally dehydrated, but when you add higher temperatures and exercise, the chances are higher of dehydration happening to you. Take a look at these few tips that can not only enhance and prolong your workout, but also help avoid dehydration, especially in this summer weather.

Tip: Drink water before your workout. Depending on the type of exercise or workout you’re doing, whether it’s a 30 minute cardio, hour-long yoga class, or a 10-hour iron man, start drinking at least 8 – 16 ounces of water at least 2 hours prior. The more intense the workout, the earlier you should start drinking water.

Tip: During your exercise, try to drink 1/2 – 1 full cup of water every 20 minutes. Once you and your body get in to this routine, the easier it will become. The fuller you are of water, the faster it will empty.

Tip: Replace any fluid you lost during your workout. Finish your exercise with at least 2 cups of water.

Tip: In warmer weather, drink more than usual. Keep in mind that dehydration can also happen in cold weather.


Help your body, and your health, by making sure to stay hydrated. Keep an eye out for these signs of dehydration:

Early signs:
-appetite loss-dark urine with strong odor
-heat intolerance

Severe signs:
-hard to swallow
-dim vision/dizziness
-numb.shriveled skin
-muscle spasms